With recent successes in the blockchain landscape, KardiaChain is gaining traction and momentum for further reach. As of now, we have been approached by multiple potential projects to be integrated and achieve mutual growth. Hence, we decide to stand by the side with multiple reputable chains and have Asva Finance integrate our technologies.

KardiaChain not only just develop ourselves to reach the top, but we also encourage promising projects to reach their potential. With thorough research, we can see how Asva is developing at an incredible pace.
They have wrapped up the development of Asva Finance MVP, and their Testnet V 1.0 and V 2.0 will soon be live for everyone to experience. Asva’s latest project, Asva Ventures, is a multi-chain decentralized fundraising firm that powers the Web 3.0 economy by supporting the growth of top blockchain ecosystems. As part of the development, Asva focus field’s metaverse sets the goal to connect to different blockchains in the nearest future.

It is their multi-chain money market functionalities on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC; and their willingness to integrate top blockchains with dedicated R&D processes that we decided to come in with this integration. Moreover, providing connections in local markets and the South East Asia region would allow Asva and KardiaChain to tap into each other's strengths.

With the KardiaChain integration in Asva Finance, they can greatly earn traction in South East Asia, especially the Vietnamese crypto-friendly market through our reputation as the national blockchain infrastructure in the region. We believe that Asva’s value propositions will be the best for even more crypto projects in the making while empowering our ecosystem and generating mutual growth for both parties. The estimated integration completion is to be early Q4/2021.

About Asva Finance

Asva Finance is a multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine that taps into the combined potential of DeFi protocols on multiple blockchains. The platform features an interoperable DeFi dashboard that lets you monitor all your DeFi transactions from one interface and access multi-chain money market use cases such as lending, borrowing, yield farming, and investing, from one interface. The advanced routing mechanism on Asva Finance equips users to access the best rates across different protocols from one single interface. 

The development of Asva Finance Testnet V1 and V2 has been successfully completed. The product currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. In the upcoming versions, it will expand to more networks.

Asva Finance is launched by Asva Labs, the world's first platform to fuel next-gen interoperable applications for DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse. 

They aim to make DeFi accessible to all users, regardless of their technical know-how. 

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