The evolution of My DeFi Pet, a project owned by KardiaChain, is seemingly unstoppable as DPET has finally come to the renowned trading platform of KuCoin.

Our teams are no strangers to KuCoin Exchange. “The People’s Exchange” has always been very close to KardiaChain from the beginning of our journey as one of the most important KAI listings. Moreover, the restless support automatically swaps to KRC20 to help users gain better access to our KAI is the catapult that helps KardiaChain to gain tremendous success.

And now, with the listing of our beloved “son”, DPET is soaring to even higher successes in its future endeavours. The sky is truly the limit for both KAI and DPET.

The listing schedule of the trading pair DPET/USDT is as follows:

  • Deposit open on July 28, 6 PM SGT/ 5 PM GMT+7.
  • Trading starts on July 29, 6 PM SGT/ 5 PM GMT+7.
  • Withdrawal starts on July 30, 6 PM SGT/5 PM GMT+7.

The listing of $DPET marks the first-ever KRC20 token on our network being listed, and we hope that more tokens will soon be available on KuCoin. DPET wise, both BEP20 and KRC20 are listed to bring even more convenience to all Pet Masters and later gamers to join in the party. Last but not least, this is a big leap for DPET in embarking on the journey to top tier exchanges, bringing in more liquidity to welcome our upcoming NFT marketplace.

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