Greetings Kardian! As we soon approach the final chapters of 2021 more good news regarding our wide array of ecosystem’s member seems to unfold. We first kick off the mid-October extravaganza with My DeFi Pet official partnership with MakerDao! Yes, The Maker Dao that made the DAI Stablecoin. Thetan Arena was featured in Monthly Star September on Binance SVB III. Kelphi announces its collaboration with CriptoBrothers and more!

My DeFi Pet X Maker Dao 

We start this spotlight with the momentous Maker Dao integration into My DeFi Pet. Making DAI the platform’s preferred stablecoin, bringing the coin’s stability and versatility into My DeFi Pet’s up-and-coming NFT marketplace. The collaboration ensures the values of users Pets (NFTs) will hold true values and stability for years to come. 

To get you excited, DAI will be the primary reward that incentivizes players to spend time to complete in-game missions, even when you are duking it out in upcoming PVE and PVP modes in true Play-to-Earn fashion! 

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A compilation of KardiaChain's presentations and gameplay footages to provide the best information and the entertaining journey into the My Defi Pet world

To celebrate Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary, many influencers joins in the talk to explain how is My DeFi Pet becomes one of the most played blockchain game on BSC, what are the main 6 captivating features of My DeFi Pet, a deep explanation about how the game was incubated and developed with passion from KardiaChain and Topebox ⭐️


Thethan Arena is Binance’s MVB III Monthly Star! 

Thetanian unites! As Thethan Arena celebrated its 111,000 players milestone, the game was picked to be one of the top 5 NFT games to be featured in Binance’s Most Valuable Builder III September Monthly Star!

Not only Thethan Arena is in line to receive investment from the $500M winning pool and $100M from the Liquidity Incentive Program, it also reinforces the game’s player centric philosophy, backed by Binance’s strict vetting guidelines that carefully check the project’s security audit status, product innovation level, development activity and community engagement.

Also, to stack up the good news, THG Open Beta Has Reached 111K Players Within the first 4 days!

From Thetan's announcement,"What an astonishing milestone! The heat of Open Beta is beyond our expectations with 10K IOS users (limited) and 101K Android users. This achievement is all thanks to your vigorous enthusiasm for Thetan Arena.

No words can describe our gratitude to you, Thetanians!"

DeHR X FAM Central

Let’s give it up for our strategic partner DeHR for making continuous strides in their journey of empowering users with blockchain technology with their recent partnership with FAM Central in pioneering an Enjoy to Earn model!

 The joint effort promises to bring ease of mind to job finders and recruiter, creating a possible passive income stream, free flow of data exchange and to top it off, moments of relaxation while maintaining financial stability.

Kephi Gallery Goes Spanish! 

In an effort to bring mainstream NFT adoption to crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto users in Latin America, Kephi Gallery had teamed up with Spanish-speaking crypto channel CriptoBrothers to display a special collection. 

With it’s fast growing and organic audience base from Youtube, Twitch and Telegram groups, the future seems open and bright to forward the adoption of NFT and Crypto within the Latin community. 

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BecoSwap, KABA, and SleepEarn.FInance

Let’s congratulate our favorite NFT, DeFi entertainment platform FAM Central for further forwarding their partnership with BecoSwap. They have successfully hosted their IFO with over $450,000 committed within the first hour, around 2.5 times oversubscribed! The result of the successful IFO was the burning of 1.7 million $BECO tokens.

The post-IFO farm is also available. Check it out at

More good news incoming for our KardiaChain ecosystem as Kripto Galaxy Battle (KABA), one of our idle “Play-to-earn” NFT games with the hope of creating mass-adoption was featured on Hacker Moon with a fully-featured article for thousands of their readers to enjoy. Bringing KABA a step closer in creating mass-adoption. 

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Last but not least, you can now earn compound interest on $THG-$KAI, live on SleepEarn.Finance. So stake now! 

Check out the THG - KAI vault here:

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