In only six weeks after launch, KAIDEX has achieved incredible achievements. At the time of this article release, KAIDEX’s TVL has reached over $22 million and a weekly trading value of over $3 million. This is proof of your trust in our game-changing KAIDEX and creates a new trend of DEX using in the crypto landscape.

To keep up with the momentum and make summer hotter than ever, KardiaChain proudly presents the KAIDEX Trading Competition for all KAI Lovers. Especially, a reward pool of 200,000 KAI is waiting for all top traders to claim and maximize your benefit in our #DeFiSummer experience. 

Competition regulation:

  • Users with a weekly principal investment volume of 10,000 KAI are eligible participants in the competition.
  • KAIDEX Trading Competition will occur in two weeks time, from 7 P.M 26 July 2021 until 7. PM 9 August 2021 (GMT+7). KardiaChain will track the total trading volumes on KAIDEX; the higher the total trade volume, the bigger your chance of winning. Our event Leaderboard will be updated twice a week via our Social Media Channels.
  • Traders can trade with all available trading pairs on KAIDEX during the competition.
  • The reward for the top winners are as follows:
    • Top 5 = 10,000 KAI reward each.
    • Top 20 = 5000 KAI reward each. 
    • Top 50 = 1000 KAI reward each.

Important Notice: There are risks associated with cryptocurrency trading activities, including, but not limited to, high price volatility. Please consider your own risk tolerance level. Trading cryptocurrency could result in a complete loss of your funds.  

The KardiaChain Team sends our utmost appreciation for your support to $KAI for such incredible growth. 

Join in the trading competition at:

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