Hello Kardians! After such a large and momentous week as the last, it's time to slow things down a bit and recount on what a joyful week it was for our ecosystem. This week, we see My Defi Pet making new partnerships with many surprises to Pet Masters everywhere, we will also be recounting Thetan Arena launch week alongside the continuation of Mytheria recently released gameplay teaser with many more news, so let’s jump right in! 

My DeFi Pet x Deri Protocol!

Heads-up Pet Masters! Something big is about to happen. Good news is once again upon us as My DeFi Pet announces a partnership with Deri Protocol! Accompanying the good news will be an AMA with Mr. OxAlpha himself, the Co-Founder and CEO of DERI, and alongside will be a $500 USDT AIRDROP! So strap-in and brace yourself for December 8th, 2021! 

Read more about the AMA and Airdrop here:


Thetan Arena Week 1 Launch Round-up And More: 

The launch of Thetan Arena absolutely went above and beyond our expectations. After just a week of launching, Thetan Arena had over 4,5 MILLION users enjoying our Play To Earn model. Our Discord channel had grown exponentially with over 200K members and growing and additionally, Thetan Box Flash Sale ended with a smashing success at 27.97 MILLION USD with plans for upcoming $THC burning and economy balancing within this  week. 

Read more about our round-up here:


Furthermore, It looks like the Vietnamese GameFi landscape is growing tirelessly with dozens of upcoming projects. But, it is no surprise that Thetan Arena is placed upon the top stratosphere alongside existing and up-and-coming hard-hitters. 

Check out Vietnam’s GameFi landscape here:


Mytheria 101, Get You Ready For Wars Between Gods: 

So, did you enjoy last week's teaser? Now that we’ve got you excited, let’s get you ready for the wars between gods with Mytheria Gameplay Tutorial Episode 1, showing you the basics of a godly battle. 

Check out the tutorial here:


Also, to make your onboarding experience a little bit less confusing, the Mytherian team had also prepared a BASIC buying guide for you young guardians out there. Check out How to buy MYRA for Dummies on Digital Wallet Here:

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@Mytheria_MYRA/how-to-buy-myra-for-dummies-on-digital-wallet-914a0a41d777"]

DeHR Squeez Game Is Back With Season 2: 

Get your game face on because SQUEEZ GAME SEASON 2 is finally here! With the prize pool of 7500 $DeHR and 1750 $USDT. Keep an eye out for DeHR official telegram group as each day, a game will be hosted for everyone to play. 

For more detail about the challenges that are waiting for you, click here: 

[contentcards url="https://www.dehr.network/the-squeez-game-season-2/"]

DeHR Coming To BecoSwap:

You heard that correctly, to fully complete our interconnected ecosystem, DeHR IFO is now coming to BecoSwap alongside Kripto Galaxy Battle!


Read more about the IFO here: 

[contentcards url="https://becoswap.medium.com/dehr-network-dehr-ifo-is-now-coming-to-becoswap-d4b51e2b315"]

BecoSwap & KABA 

Last but not least, we are incredibly happy to announce a Marketing Partnership between Kripto Galaxy Battle and Tomket Lovers, one of Indonesia top-tier crypto communities. This partnership will assist in the furtherance of KABA’s community and growth, bringing the beloved game to communities everywhere! 


Check out the partnership here:


Oh, and don’t forget to check out KABA’s latest appearance on Go Shiny Hunter’s PLAY TO EARN LOW COST ENTRY! (UNDER $100) KRIPTO GALAXY BATTLE!



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