Hello Kardians! Oh, how the time flies, we have almost reached the end of November, let’s recount all the memorable moments we had last week before moving on to anew. First, let's give a round of applause for Kephi Gallery on their successful launch! Next, up is Thethan Arena making their debut with an official trailer and so much more happening. 

My Defi Pet: 

Hello pet masters! After the breath of fresh air that is our recent update, My Defi Pet continues to receive even better news! We are currently ranked as top 2 Most Bullish Gaming Projects On Social Media by @PlayToEarnGames, surpassing the coveted Axie Infinity miles away! This is incredible news to our ecosystem as it continues to show the ever-growing communities of Pet Masters! 


You can check out the leaderboard here:


Don’t forget to send your kindest regards to our amazing Kings and Queens who have triumphantly won 4 rounds of challenges!

Send your well wishes here:


Thetan Arena Official Trailer Launch! 

Are you ready for REWARDS!? The OFFICIAL TRAILER for Thetan Arena had just dropped! Things are starting to unveil with only a few days left until the official launch. And while we wait for such a grandiose event, let's all hunt for rewards:

100 random gifts of 0.5gTHC for the best sharing 

10 common boxes for lucky numbers 

Time: NOW until 12PM (UTC) NOV 30th 

Disclaimer: 1 gift per player 

What are you waiting for? GET ON YOUR SHARING HATS AND GO:


You can now also pre-register for the game launch on NOV 27 here: 

PC https://bit.ly/pre-regs-PC 

Android https://bit.ly/pre-regs-Andr 

iOS https://apple.co/30eNeql



Since the IDO, our first project in the Iron Sail, Mytheria has gained some of the best performance seen recently in the GameFi field.

A quote from their Twitter page: "Words are not enough to express our gratitude to all of you who support and believe in Mytheria.
We have experienced the wonderful IDO together and please stay tuned because many exciting events are coming soon."

DeHR x BSC Station

We are happy to announce that BSC Station will become one of many launchpads that will help DeHR propel its Career Metaverse to the masses! On the 12th of December 2021, $DEHR will officially host its IDO with BSC Station! 


IDO token price: $0.02

IDO vesting: TGE 50 % unlocked then linear for 3 months

TGE market cap: $880 000

Token symbol $DEHR


For more information, check out our blog:

[contentcards url="https://www.dehr.network/dehr-x-bsc-station-ido-for-the-1st-global-career-metaverse/"]

DeHR x Poolz

The good news does not stop there, alongside BSC Station, Poolz will also be one of DeHR partners in the upcoming IDO. Poolz is a modern IDo platform built using the 3.0 infrastructure that is already integrated into a plethora of blockchain and potential with more than 10 of the biggest blockchain networks. 


Check out the collaboration here: 

[contentcards url="https://www.dehr.network/dehr-and-poolz-push-forward-the-growth-of-the-entire-crypto-and-defi/"]

Kephi Gallery is GOING LIVE! 

After its Alpha and Beta test, Kephi Gallery is now officially live, bringing NTFs artists, artwork, and enthusiasts alike leaps and bounds closer to the masses as we approach adoptions. 

Kephi Gallery is now available on both PC and Mobile, check it out here: 


BecoSwap & KABA

Star Lords! If Mutant Monster does not look good enough for you, then you’ll have a pleasant surprise. The new Updated Mutant Monster Graphic is currently LIVE on the Beta Version for you to enjoy! If you haven’t had a mutant gene yet, what are you waiting for? Go faster with Assemble! 


Also, be on the lookout for a SUPER GIFT incoming from the stars. There will be prosperous opportunities for you all to harvest. So stay tuned! 

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