It seems as if our ecosystem loves to end the month with a giant bang. As we enter the first week of December, let’s all recount what a wonderfully fruitful end of November we’ve had. Let’s start with the most exciting news of all, Mytheria went live! Follow up is $DPET official listing on Nabox, DeHR continuing expansion of their network and lastly, Kephi Gallery sponsors humongous Latin largest crypto festival, and KABA is now in Open Beta.

My DeFi Pet Live On Nabox

Let’s start this week spotlight hot off the wok with the latest update on My DeFi Pet. In the light of the latest partnership, we are incredibly proud to announce that $DPET is now officially listed on Nabox. Alongside this amazing announcement, My DeFi Pet is also hosting a joint Airdrop event with a prize pool of $100 $NABOX and $100 $DPET. 

The event will start from December 1st, 8:00 and ends on December 5th, 8:00 (UTC), so hurry up!!! 

Check out the announcement and the airdrop event here:


Thetan Arena Launch Event

The time has finally come! Thetan Arena is currently live on PC, Android and iOS! You can start your journey and earn $THC just by playing Thetan Arena today. Such a momentous occasion brings extreme milestones, only within an hour of its launch, there were already 100.000 downloads and things started to escalate quickly when download reached 500.000 in less than 24 hours! At the time of writing, the number of active players has hit a staggering 1.844.464, doubling the active player base less than 24 hours ago. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and earn $THC now!!! Also, don't forget to be early for the exclusive appreciation event from Thetan Arena!





Alongside dropping an extremely exciting gameplay teaser, showing you a sneak peak of how the war between Gods will look like, Mytheria is also officially listed on following a Start Up Free Offering which is happening on December 2nd and ends on December 3rd, so get ready! 


Watch the teaser here:


Learn more about the event here:

Oh, and don’t forget to read the recap on the AMA between our founder of Mytheria Cuong Le and our partners at UB Holdings here:

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DeHR x Pixel.Inc 

In their latest partnership, DeHR and Pixel.Inc aim to fulfill the full potential of SocialFi. As a cross pollination partnership, both will benefit from the community expansion and the inflows of funds that will occur from these collaborations. Once again, three cheer for DeHR and Pixel.Inc!

Check out the partnership here: 

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DeHR x Dutch Crypto Investor 

Yet another partnership for DeHR, the SocialFi movement is not slowing down anytime soon. With Dutch Crypto Investor being DeHR latest partner, will help expand the community of SocialFi further and wider, in addition to sharing resources with mutual support. 

Check out the partnership here:

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Kephi Gallery x Cripto Latin Fest 

In an effort to bring onboard more Latin American artists and further spread blockchain culture further and deeper into the Latin community, Kephi Gallery will be one of the premium sponsors at Cripto Latin Fest.

The event has a large influence on Latin America’s crypto scene as it harbours hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and digital artists annually. This year, Kephi Gallery will showcase and monetize selected artists on it’s platform, alongside discounts in minting fees. 

Click here to learn more about the event:

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BecoSwap & KABA

The KABA Universe is now opening with the Open Beta Launch for ALL Starlords to experience in-game features and earn real $GEM & $KABA token.

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