Hello Kardians! Welcome back to another exciting and eventful week for our ecosystem’s members. As we step another week right into November, let’s all have a small recap on our October home run in the final week. With My Defi Pet receiving its latest update with lots of changes, Thetan Area GOES MOBILE, DeHR keeps on expanding their network through various collaborations and MoonKa announces their strategic partnership with Vietnamese real-estate giant SIEM! We have so much to unpack, so strap in and enjoy the spotlight. 

My Defi Pet New Update:

Let’s start off with some quality of life changes that breathe new life to an already exciting and exhilarating game. Some of the changes are as follow: 

  1. Release all locked pets! 
  2. A new way to lock your pets. 
  3. The Transaction tab will now display actions related to Elixir or DPET. 
  4. Exchanged DPET will now be listed as Pending Balance and sent to you on a weekly basis. 
  5. In-battle status will now display right after you sign up your pet.

Click here to delve deeper into what the update is about: 

[contentcards url="https://mydefipet.medium.com/update-new-version-d4c483ffb197"]

Thetan Arena Goes Mobile!

Continuing to make leaps and bounds is, of course, Thetan Arena. Started out as a PC only game, Thetan Arena had announced its beta release on mobile platforms such as Android and IOS. The first week of beta had resulted in thousands upon thousands of battles competing for the leaderboard. 

The successful beta is an incredible feat, making the game available and more accessible for millions of mobile gamers out there. Certainly a large leap for the NFT gaming industry as a whole! 


[contentcards url="https://www.bsc.news/post/thetan-arena-launches-mobile-beta-game-thousands-compete-for-leaderboards"]

DeHR's Back With Even More Partnerships:

It seems like DeHR never seems to take a rest, with partnerships on partnerships, week after week. We are seeing the platform blooming into maturity right in front of our eyes. Let’s start off with their first collaboration. 

DeHR x The LightHouse

With the same goal of bringing upon the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology to people far and wide, it is no coincidence that a decentralized professional social network such as DeHR would partner up with Defi, NFT, Blockchain market guru like The LightHouse. Together the collaboration will bring upon the next wave of CareerFi and the Connect To Earn experience to the masses. 

Find out more about the collaboration here:

[contentcards url="https://www.dehr.network/dehr-network-x-lighthouse-bring-the-new-wave-of-careerfi-and-connect-to-earn-to-the-/"]

DeHR  x Gem Capital

The expansion of the DeHR community never stops, and the cooperation with Gem Capital is another momentous leap forward for DeHR and the CareerFi World. Gem Capital is a crypto savvy community that aims to empower investors with the best market knowledge entering the crypto sphere. This partnership offers a Career network for Gem Capital’s community to have access to job opportunities, networking while having a passive income stream. The more the merrier, welcome Gem Capital! 

Find out more about the collaboration here:

[contentcards url="https://www.dehr.network/dehr-network-cooperation-with-gem-capital-connect-more-users-closer-to-the-careerfi-world/"]

Kephi Gallery integrates with the one-stop hub KardiaInfo:

With the goal to become the central hub for all information regarding KardiaChain, Kardia Info aims to provide a single ‘go-to’ website on which the most up-to-date and accurate information about all the projects on KardiaChain.

The integration with KardiaInfo will allow Kephi users to know the price of any NFT in real-time compared to any KRC-20 token, allowing them to make an informed decision when they choose to buy a digital collectible.

More on this partnership here:

[contentcards url="https://kephigallery.medium.com/kephi-integrates-with-kardia-info-for-reliable-pricing-on-kardiachain-ecosystem-47b13679811a"]

Moonka Strategic Partnership with SIEM:

Last week, we witnessed an incredible collaboration between Vietnam’s first blockchain real estate crowdfunding platform Moonka and Vietnam’s real estate mogul SIEM. With 15 years of experience, SIEM is a real estate veteran with involvement in many grand-scale projects. 

This collaboration is extremely meaningful as SIEM will act as a consultant for investors involved in any Moonka listings. SIEM’s rich market knowledge and season experience will be one of many important catalysts that will help Moonka prosper. 

Read more about the collaboration here: 

[contentcards url="https://blog.moonka.io/en/moonka-sets-a-strategic-partnership-with-siem"]


BECO&KABA’s Giveaway!

Starlords watch out, an airdrop is incoming with rewards ready for you to reap on the 21th of November! Up to 700 lucky winner can earn around 4.5USD each just through 2 easy step:

  1. Create your KRC20 Wallet address in KardiaChain: https://explorer.kardiachain.io/wallet-login 
  2. Be a member of Kripto Galaxy Battle Telegram Group.

The best part is, you can submit up to 10 entries! 

Find out more here: 

[contentcards url="https://givelab.com/kriptobattlegiveaway/kripto-galaxy-battle-airdrop-campaign "]

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