As we are officially in the midst of November, let’s all have a good recap of the exciting events surrounding our ecosystem. First of all, My Defi Pet's recent update officially went live with many new features with an abundance of quality of life changes based on community feedback. Next up is the bullish social media status of Thetan Arena, surpassing AxieInfinity as one of the more bullish NFT gaming projects. DeHR continues to make astounding strides in expanding its network through various potential partnerships. $MKA went live on CoinGecko and so much more good news ahead, so strap in and tune in for the latest recap of our ecosystem. 

My Defi Pet Update Is Live! 

Pet Masters rejoice! My Defi Pet had dropped a significant update BOSSFIGHT SS2 with many astounding features ready to be experienced TODAY! The community had spoken and they had listened. 

The first addition to this update is the introduction of a new building, the Silver Paw bank, you can now increase your silver storage in a blink of an eye after purchasing. And of course, it is also upgradeable so you can store even more Silver! 

Secondly, increase your rate of rare parts from opening eggs with X2 the chance to strike a pet with Wings or Horns through Mini Events.

Thirdly, you can now unlock new plants such as Watermelon (duration of 2h) and Blueberry (duration of 12h). But be patient now, you can only unlock these at higher levels. 

Those are some of the new features added, to find out more about others and additional quality of life changes click this link:

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Thetan Arena Most Bullish Gaming Project: 

Oh yes, you heard that right, with accurate statistics and professional social monitoring, Thetan Arena was featured in the top 6 most bullish gaming projects, surpassing Axie Infinity on social media by LunarCrush. This lay precedent to the ever-growing scale of Thetan Arena’s community.


Oh, do not forget to check out the awesome AMA recap with CEO/founder of Thetan Arena and Tienee to find out more about this exciting game here:


DeHR x Moonka 

When it comes to expanding the ever-growing crypto community, no threat, just leave it to DeHR. In their recent collaboration, they had formed a partnership with Moonka, a Vietnam-based real estate blockchain company. Basically, they use blockchain technology to cut out the middlemen between real estate transactions, making the experience more seamless and affordable for the end-users. 

This partnership just like many others, expands DeHR ecosystem to its fullest potentials, packing DeHR many features for its users to enjoy and enhance exposure for Moonka as well, WIN-WIN! 

Find out more about the collaboration here:

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DeHR x Thinksmart Brother Capital 

New investment alert! Through this new partnership, Thinksmart Brother Capital, seasoned venture capital with over 30 years of experience in online marketing, e-commerce, and finance will be investing and participating in DeHR and their activities in expanding the Career Network alongside the Connect to Earn concept in the Career Metaverse. 

Find out more about the collaboration here:

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DeHR x Republic of DeFi

Republic of DeFi or ROD for short is a fairly young community centered around spreading accurate and true information around the crypto community. This partnership will allow ROD to have the necessary relationships and exposure to grow and contribute more to the crypto community. 

Find out more about the collaboration here: 

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$MKA Official listing on CoinGecko!

Three cheers for MOONKA! As of the 3rd of November, MKA is officially listed on the long-trusted crypto rating site CoinGecko! 

Check it out here:

Kelphi Gallery x Moniwar 

This partnership is special for all of you play-to-earn puzzle battles out there, Kelphi Gallery will now be featuring Moniwar NFT on their platform. Moniwar will also have a featured collection exclusively on Kelphi, further pushing cross-community interactions. 

Find out more about the collaboration here:

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BecoSwap and KABA 

A slow news week for Kripto Galaxy Battle indeed. But, in the meantime, why not check out this nifty guide for you freshers to get into the game! It will show you what stats you should know entering the game and what you should look for while playing. So what are you waiting for, get yourself caught up and join us!

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