The fourth quarter of 2021 starts off strong! Just in early October, we have witnessed some of the most promising accomplishments from the KRC20 Ecosystem. My DeFi Pet's Boss Fight event has finally returned with the best of optimization; Thetan Arena's Open beta with many features will soon be launched; MoonKa has sold out their third properties; Kephi Gallery just buffed themselves up with new partnerships and much more good news.

Did you miss any of that? No worries, the first Eco weekly spotlight of the month got you all covered to catch up with what happened last week.

My DeFi Pet

Our "son" My Defi Pet is currently one of the most successful projects in rewarding players via monetary compensation and verifiably ownable digital assets via the implementation of gaming mechanics.

To reward players and token holders even further, My DeFi Pet is launching a $DPET NFT farm, allowing token holders to stake DPET tokens in order to earn rare, exclusive, and collectible in-game NFTs. NFTrade has also implemented a verified My DeFi Pet NFT collection page, making it easier than ever for My DeFi Pet token holders to buy, sell, and p2p swap NFTs.

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And speaking of rewarding players via gamification, this week marks the grand return of the Boss Fight event! With the new and improving game server and the Elixir rewarding system to easily scale up with the large traffic of players, the Boss Fight event has been running smoothly in this return. More updates to optimise the game will be patched up with more featues to bring all players the best gaming experience to battle the force of evil for ludicrous rewards as promised.

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Thetan Arena

Last week was once again a busy time for Thetan Arena as they are closer to the official launch than ever. During last week, Thetan Arena has made some of the biggest announcements and test run to make sure they can bring out the best gaming experience and GameFi features.

Thetan Arena Token $THG has been listed on ApeSwap!
Users can start buying $THG easily on ApeSwap here:

Don't forget the BEP20 THG Token Address: 0x9fd87aefe02441b123c3c32466cd9db4c578618

Now you can start staking in these 2 pools:
Stake THG/BNB LPs to earn BANANA.
Stake BANANA to earn THG.

Start farming here:

Thetan Arena is now also in a partnership with Yield Guild Games in growing catalog of play-to-earn games

YGG is a play-to-earn gaming guild, bringing players together to earn via blockchain-based economies.

Looking forward to the large numbers of the YGG community joining in Thetan Arena World.

Thetan Arena recently announced 2 big news: Users can now join in to play the game and trade with the marketplace in the upcoming Open Beta from 16 October until 30 October. Don't miss this opportunity to know how it feels like to play a MOBA game powered by KardiaChain's blockchain.



Our closed partner in the field of real estate has done it again! The third opening sale of the Rose Garden property was sold out in just 28 minutes.

This marks yet another success in spreading the benefits of blockchain application into real-life assets, creating true mass adoption in the daily usage of everyone. We also congratulate and thank all the investors that were a part of this opening sale.


With the vision of building a strong ecosystem, DeHR is now in a new partnership with DEFILY, one of the potential Full-Stack Cross-Chain Defi Ecosystems. Defily allows users to stake, yield farm, invest and earn with crypto in a friendly way.

This partnership gives a future key for Defily’s users to approach Decentralized HR solutions, which would benefit them greatly in the working life. In addition, DeHR ecosystem would engage a large number of users, enabling them to exploit the maximum service of both projects. On the other hand, while partnering with Defily, DeHR can also expand the benefit for its users as Defily can provide more DeFi services for DeHR users and holders to enjoy.

Kephi Gallery

Our inaugural Pioneer Program Champions struck last week with 2 quality partnerships to leverage their network for users' benefits.

Kephi Gallery is integrated with the industry-leading oracle network Chainlink. Kephi Gallery has integrated two Chainlink oracle services: Chainlink VRF for verifiably tamper-proof randomness and Chainlink Price Feeds for accurate and secure cryptocurrency exchange rates.
By integrating these Chanlink-powered solutions, Kephi Gallery ($KPHI) users can now enjoy fairer circulation and stronger security of the $KPHI NFT rewards generation process, as well as more dependable exchange rates when buying and selling NFTs.

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And to beef up their security measure, the partnership they have with Uno Re will soon be providing insurance covers to Kephi Gallery against any potential smart contract vulnerabilities of their NFTs when users are buying — which involves transferring NFTs from one wallet to another, minting, and/or auctioning them.

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And in case you are curious about their NFT Gallery launching this Q4, let's have a sneak peek.


BecoSwap & KABA

FAM Central is one of KardiaChain's most prominent partnerships to spread out the influence of KardiaChain blockchain in the entertainment industry. BecoSwap knew the impact of FAM Central would be potentially huge in the journey of mass adoption, and they have announced FAM Central as one of their most promising partners.

FAM Token was created with the nature of a foundation token, a utility token with the mission to represent the "Right to use" features on the platform and develop the FAM Central ecosystem.

FAM's next Initial Farm Offering will soon be hosted on the BecoSwap IFO platform.

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Last but not least, do not miss out on tonight's livestream of KABA on their Discord server to attend the "KABA NFT 101" session with the two beautiful and knowledgable hosts.

Time: 20:30 - 22:00 (UTC+7)
Date: 14th October (English) & 15th October (Vietnamese)
Host: Mr.Nguyen Vu Son & Ms. Yen Chi

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