Hello there, October. Our KRC20 Projects have waved goodbye to September with many astonishing successes and new exciting projects to be ready for Q4. MoonKa has finally revealed their new location of opening sale, Thetan Arena Genesis Mystery Box is coming, My DeFi Pet boss fight event has finally returned and Kephi Gallery now joins with... drunk robot (!?)

Care to know more? Join in this Ecosystem Spotlights article this week, and let's get ready for Q4!

My DeFi Pet

The DPET Boss fight event is back! We are proud to see our “son” My DeFi Pet is working hard to bring all of the Pet Masters with the best GameFi experience with their revamped boss fight event and upcoming features that will soon be launched in Q4.

To warm up the atmosphere, an event on DPET’s Discord channel last week has capture the attention of many users, and 25 winners in the breeding guessing game were awarded with  20 DPET + 2m food + 250 gem + 200,000 silver for each winner.

For more information on the winners of this event, please check here:


And now for the main event, DPET has just provided more information on the strategy on the Boss fight with the bosses' skills set as below:


1️⃣ Each time BOSS appears, there will be different random elements.

2️⃣ Your pet skills will be based on the boss's element.

3️⃣ BOSS will attack with the diversity of different skills with its own mystery element that you have to figure out during the fight

Here are some new bosses images:

Now you are all set! Let's get ready for the Boss Fight coming back this week!

Thetan Arena

2000 Thetan Arena Genesis Mystery Boxes will soon be available this week!

Mystery Box will give you a random Thetan Ticket to redeem a corresponding Thetan Box type in the Marketplace in Nov with the distribution of:

  • 80% Common
  • 19% Epic
  • 1% Legendary

And for some actual gameplay test footage, let's see how tense the battle is between 2 players in the arena in this video:




After a week of waiting, MoonKa has finally announced their latest real estate project: Rose Garden.

Rose Garden is a plot of land located in Country Dream 3, which is a complex like a village of garden houses arranged together like terraces overlooking the gentle Dai Nga river. The land area is nearly 3.4 hectares. The existing road frontage, Country Dream 3 is divided into 37 finished land plots with an area of ​​500 - 1,200m2.

Rose Garden is located in Tan Lac, Bao Lam, Lam Dong. Where there is Dai Nga River winding like a green silk strip at the foot of Dai Binh Mountain and romantic green tea hills. Rose Garden inherits many advantages with a rapid development speed on the roadmap to turn Bao Loc city into a provincial urban area of Lam Dong, Da Lat city to develop into a centrally run city.

[contentcards url="https://ec10.moonka.io/"]

The opening sale of Rose Garden in Bao Lam, Lam Dong will be live on 7 October with the Bag of Fortune incentive program.





Last week, KardiaChain and DeHR have cooperated to host the live stream AMA: The Revolution of Human Resources process with 2 special guest speakers:

Johnny Tri Dung - CBO KardiaChain, CMO Thetan Arena
Alex Vu Duong - CSO and Co-founder of DeHR

As we have mentioned before, DeHR is the "Web 3.0 provides One-stop Global Career Data Marketplace ensures authenticity, ownership & legitimacy of data exchanged" Powered with KardiaChain blockchain and AI technology, it will allow you to improve your career as well as earning at the same time.

[contentcards url="https://youtu.be/NpV3mK0SHAw"]


Following the AMA, DeHR is pushing the idea of  "CONNECT TO EARN! The new trend of the Blockchain World" with their new campaign of Connect to earn.

With DeHR, you will have more opportunities to find your dream job while controlling your own data and earning passive incomes in a truly decentralized platform.

DeHR will distribute the MVP version of DeHR Apps with all of KardiaChain infrastructure’s advantages to selected testers to experience and provide valuable feedback starting on 5 Oct 2021.

500 selected testers who win 1000 IDO Tickets (2 tickets each) and eligible to apply for the Early Supporter Private Sales on 8PM GMT+7, 13th Oct 2021 on DeHR Social Media channels.

You can join in the campaign here:




Kephi Gallery

Kephi Gallery has once again gone one step further in the NFT market. They are now in a new partnership with Drunk Robots, a play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain. Your mission is to survive and seize the city overrun by the drunk, junky robots whose only interests are metal beer and violence.

This upcoming play-to-earn game based on BSC will have its own featured gallery in Kephi, where you will be able to find all your favourite drunk robots to be traded. Both projects will also share cross-marketing campaigns to encourage their communities to interact.

[contentcards url="https://kephigallery.medium.com/drunk-robots-are-coming-to-kephi-a258f495d3e9"]

BecoSwap & KABA

Get ready for the second Pre-sale of Kripto Galaxy Battle: The Monster — the second NFT asset in the KABA universe. This is the ticket to be the first one crafting the powerful tools for minting gems in the game and conquer the cosmos in the Play-to-earn feature which will be released soon in Q4 2021.

[contentcards url="https://becoswap.medium.com/get-ready-for-the-second-pre-sale-of-kripto-galaxy-battle-monster-nft-9bf5465ab693"]


And here is the tutorial article on how to help you buy KABA with BecoSwap via Kardia Wallet:

[contentcards url="https://becoswap.medium.com/how-to-buy-kaba-a-complete-beginners-guide-to-kripto-galaxy-battle-fd76bed1d004"]

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