In the build-up to the 9DNFT’s IDO on our trusty KAIStarter, we hosted an AMA session on November 9 2021 in the KardiaChain Telegram Official Group for all 9DNFT’s enthusiasts to have more insights about the first martial arts 3D metaverse game in Southeast Asia. The guest speakers are Mr. Henry Pham - Project Manager/ Game Design at GITHOT Studio and Mr. Ryan Tran - Director of GOSU Corp.

Host question section

Q1: Can you give us a quick overview of 9D NFT and COGIVERSE?

9D NFT is the first 3D Martial Arts/COGIVERSE NFT game in Southeast Asia. 9DNFT has a Collectibles & NFTs, Play to Earn mechanism and will plan to create a Metaverse called COGIVERSE. 9DNFT has already launched its Alpha Test while we are preparing for an official launch on PC & Mobile.

About COGIVERSE, it is built on COGI, short for Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure. COGI is an Online MMO Game platform that uses Blockchain technology to bring users their real-life value through game by “digitizing assets''. Our goal is to create a community of gamers on the Blockchain platform, so our players can experience not only "Play 4 Fun" but "Play 2 Earn" gameplay with millions of people around the world through the COGI ecosystem.

The first product of the COGI ecosystem is a MMO Martial Arts game called 9D NFT with an inspiration of Southeast Asia (SEA) Culture. The game starts from the Eastern Continent called “The East Plains” - one of our five continents in COGIVERSE. It is the First 3D Martial Arts / Metaverse NFT Game in SEA. The team of 9DNFT is a strong and talented Vietnamese team with diverse experiences in the game industry and the hope of turning normal games into the future of digital assets.

This martial art-based MMO game allows people to interact with one another in the virtual world we create. Before joining 9DNFT and exploring the Dragon lands, players will need to choose a character from one of the five sects from the game, based on the Five Elements System (Blade Master, Bow Master, Zither Master, Staff Master and Sword Master). Along the way, players can claim NFT items that later can be traded on Marketplace.

Q2: Why is the game called 9D NFT? And what is it about 9D NFT that would attract gamers?

9D derived from Cuu Duong Truyen Ky in Vietnamese -> 9 Dragon lands -> this is also a symbol of development in Southeast Asia and Vietnam, so we chose 9D to name this project.

One of the highlight essences of 9DNFT is its “Gamers become Investor” feature, by which, we mean: Participate in the game and earn  COGI/COD/NFT items from in-game activities. There are 6 features that can help gamers earn TOKEN and NFT. 

Own and trade COGI/COD on the Crypto exchanging platform. Participate in derivative activities (character rental, tournaments...). 

The offer on TOKEN. NFT for gamers in 9D NFT (Gaming Incentives) is huge. The payback rate and additional income for gamers can be earned very fast.

Cooperation with strategic partners such as BSCSstation, OneBit, AVA CAPITAL,... is really a great advantage for 9D NFT. We are also working hard to attract more dynamic partners. 

Through NFT’s assets powered by blockchain technology, these buy/sell transactions turn expenses into an asset, generating actual secondary values. NFT items are now storable and individually secured by the decentralized nature of most blockchains (e.g. Ethereum). It is also an aspect of security, which means players do not need to trust any developers. Highly-secured virtual goods operated on a decentralized, cryptographic platform. 

Q3: With NFT games, to start playing players must invest, right? So with 9D NFT, do players need to invest? If yes, how much?

To join the 9D NFT game, it is mandatory for everyone to spend a small amount of money to buy COGI tokens and activate 1 of the 5 characters in the game. Each character will cost differently, from 100 to 300 COGI. There will be more characters in the next updating versions.

Q4: With the growing number of NFT games on the market, why does the team choose MMO Martial Arts games?

Firstly, MMO Martial Arts games have a very long lifespan. After a long time, there are still a lot of gamers and fans playing Võ Lâm Truyền Kỳ, Cửu Âm Chân Kinh, Ngạo kiếm Vô Song. That's why the team chose this game series.

Secondly, the community factor is really huge. Team has created a lot of activities to connect the community. A game lasts long or not depends on how the community can keep the heat or not. In the official version as well as the upcoming text versions, the team will focus a lot of activities on maintaining the community.

Next, COGI tokens are not only used in 9D NFT. In the future, there will be other projects that can use COGI tokens.

Q3:What version will be released in the near future? And when is the release time?

After launching the 9D NFT Alpha Test version and receiving a lot of positive feedback and valuable comments. We will update more features in the next version. And it is expected to be released at the end of November. 

The Alpha Test can only be played on PC, but in the upcoming version, players will also be able to play on Mobile.

Live Community questions section

Q1:What are the characteristics of 9DNFT game that is different from the current popular games?

Thank you for your question. This is a good question, I think.
Considering the fast and rapid development of GameFi, as fast as; there can be 5 to 10 GameFi being launched weekly: NFT games, IDO, etc. Yet, among them:
- What are the projects that can be called "real games"?
- How many games can give users the feeling of "playing for real fun", or just a "money game"?
- How many projects have real products and did not stop at "ideas"?
We chose another way, we had a real product, released the Testnet version for more than 500 people to try it out before even conducting IDO. Moreover, with the combination of MMORPG + Blockchain we embrace, we are confident this is the first and only project so far. This is our difference and also our strength to one day dominate the market.
For investors who choose to become a COGI token holder, they will still be able to make a profit even when not playing the game by 2 ways: Get % revenue share from the project's Treasury + Staking reward (which is expected to be announced in the second quarter of 2022)

Q2: How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Community for us holds a great meaning. We wouldn't be able to achieve anything without you guys. Like a tree trying to survive in a blazing desert vs a tree supported by a full and complete ecosystem. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all of you who have accompanied 9D NFT during the past time, from the ICO Whitelist, to the Alpha Test phase and will stay with us in the next exciting events in the upcoming time.

And rest assured, with 10 years of experience in game development and operation, our team can confidently contribute and bring the best value to the community. We have plans for you, KOL and our partners in the future.

Q3: Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

Southeast Asia is very important with us, that is the reason why we chose to launch 9DNFT to be the first product in the COGIVERSE ecosystem.
Because this project is a MMORPG game with Asian feudalism, suitable for Asian tastes.
Countries in Southeast Asia are very fond of Martial Arts MMORPG products, while no other NFT game on the market have exploited this potential, so we believe this will be our competitive strength.

Q4: Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiron for approaching to this name?

9DNFT is only the first step of COGIVERSE, our goal is to create a Metaverse of MMO games. Asia is the starting point; Europe will also be a "checkpoint" in the future journey.
Following the COGIVERSE roadmap, there will be 5 major continents with different feudalisms corresponding to 5 major cultures around the world.

The next game project of the COGI ecosystem is also the next puzzle piece of this map. The future game will have a European feudalism with warriors, witches, wizards, ect, and stories inspired by Norse mythology. This is exactly what we will use to convince gamers and the European community to be interested in our project.

Q5: Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

We have Whitepaper, product and our channel on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter,… already.
Our Whitepaper here:
9D NFT - The First 3D Martial Art/Metaverse NFT Game in SEA
Website | Telegram Channel  | Vietnam Group  | Fanpage | Twitter | Youtube | Discord

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