On December 9, We’ve conducted an AMA in Official KardiaChain English Community, The AMA was held with ALEX VU DUONG - CSO & CO-FOUNDER DEHR 

The AMA session took place over the KardiaChain community on Telegram where DUONG discussed several amazing facts about DeHR & the future of the DEHR token!


Q1: What is Project DeHR? Can you simply introduce DeHR's operating model for AMA participants to understand?

Answer-  DeHR can be described as a “Decentralized LinkedIn” where users can Connect, Earn, Exchange Data as a daily basic through ”CONNECT TO EARN” career activities.

How to connect and how to earn? We do it by social networking, NFT item trading, recruitment, training, and more features that will continue to expand.

so DeHR will be a Web3.0 based on data economy combining AI and Token to create an ecosystem where all participants can trade information, NFTs transparently and directly.

Q2: What is the core problem that DEHR can solve?

Answer- There are 03 components in DEHR that will handle 03 problems:

  1. Data Marketplace: everyone needs data every day for different purposes, especially in Career data: your identities, your salary information, your healthcare records, etc.
  2. DeFi integration.
  3. Social Feeds which is to increase the interactions btw Users, not only an app for job posting or recruitment.

To make this happen, we need a multichain support ecosystem. That is why we start the project with Kardiachain and BSc as well. In the near future, DeHR will connect more with other platforms and bring them all to DeHR's ecosystem.  DeHR could be the first Global Career Token that everyone can use to all of the data demand in a large ecosystem of DeHR which will further expand to a huge use case in the future. Data integrated with NFT become a great output for Learning Development, Business consultant NFT, Fintech, Organisational Development.

Q3: What is the DEHR Token utility? how would it capture value within your ecosystem overall?

Answer- DEHR will be a "career token" used by the global labor market. DEHR will be a more affordable, globally accessible & accepted means of payment.

DEHR is used on Marketplace to exchange data such as contact information, health records, financial records, interests, etc.

Beyond that, DeHR act as a "One-stop solution" platform where people can now sell/buy services to/from all experts around the world related to learning and training courses, tuition sponsorship, resume templates, industry reports, market survey etc.

Similar to the trend “Play To Earn” (P2E), DeHR introduces a new trend: Connect To Earn (C2E) which offers many attractive rewards for those who participate and grow their connection in DeHR. The more you get connected, the more rewards you can get from both DeHR and the community. DeHR aims to be a "One-stop destination" solution that not only solves human resource problems but also has many other features in the fields of learning and training, finance, insurance, health.

With a strategy of focusing on building products and connecting users with real needs on a global scale, it is clear that In the long term, the more transactions DeHR will create on the network, the more users will want to hold the token for use or as an investment channel. When demand is increasing and DeHR's supply is limited, we believe that smart investors can make the right judgment with DeHR's model.

Q4: How I can earn on DEHR?

Answer- Similar to GameFi, Play to Earn concept. We create the Connect To Earn. Every day, DeHR system will send you missions to earn. Everything starts when you upload your CV, do KYC, endorsement, testimonial, referral for new friends, verified for your network, review company, post your social feed. All of that will incentive by DeHR token.

  1. Create account and Referral more friends to join the app

Fill your resumé

Complete KYC

Connect to Wallet

  1. Set the price for your resumé, people have to pay $DEHR if they want to get your contact and it would be transferred directly to your wallet. You fully control the access to your information.
  2. Connect more people to expand your network, opening up more missions including verifying people, endorsing their skills.
  3. Do daily quest/activities, contributing to data marketplace.

Q5: Can you reveal some images, features of DApp?


You guys can open the youtube link and see how our app works.


Q1: What's the stage of the project right now?

Answer: Currently the whole team is working hard on the Road to IDO which will be on 12/12

We will have 3 launchpads for the public sales

  1. KaiStarter
  2. BSC Station
  3. Poolz

Then DEHR will be listed on KAIDEX & Pancake swap. About product development, we launch the MVP last month with over 1200 testers. Right after the IDO & listing, we will have the Beta Launch within December

I hope it will be a Christmas gift to everyone who believes in DeHR to enjoy the platform when it launches.

Q2: What is the initial cost to join the DeHR Network?

Answer: Everything is free to join. You may need to spend about 10 minutes to create your profile, KYC and then you are free to earn DEHR token through our Mission list daily

We can say DeHR is Free to Join / Connect to Earn.

Q3: How do you see the adoption of this project in a year after release and how do you intend to promote it besides saying it’s blockchain LinkedIn?

Answer: We think the adoption is becoming better. We build a Social Career Network which will be promoted by the Token Economy happen in the next month from Crypto, blockchain to mass adoption following

With a big data economy, the DEHR token will be the main gateway for Users to interact, not only to read or post. We offer a direct payment of data through DeHR D-App. Moreover, the D-App will integrate a 3D environment so everyone will become a character in the metaverse and interact with each other in the most fun way. You have your own character, your own room, all of the NFT items display in your room. We will have a demo very soon within December for everyone to enjoy our Metaverse look. There will be a lot of things we are preparing for our users.

Q4: How can the authenticity and transparency of user data collection be controlled?

Answer: All profiles in DEHR must pass KYC to receive exciting rewards from us. Not like Linkedin, DeHR set up a scoring system to have your profile cross-verified by a large network then improve the trustworthiness of data. This way needs a token to fuel for it, that's the point. As a decentralized platform, we don’t store User data. All data input that user set to exchange. We will remove it from our system with 3rd party audit making sure User fully control their data. Since a company or other users want to unlock your data, it will be decided by the owner from a smart contract

with DeHR your Data, You Own It.

Q5: How DEHR can keep the private information of users?

Answer: User's personal credentials will be destroyed by Amazon S3 Find & Forgot solution which ensures GDPR and CCPA compliance. DeHR does not store any personal data from users (For example phone number, email address, etc.) Frequently our data architect will be audited by well-known 3rd parties. All sensitive data that users want to lock will be hashed, other data will be public such as the data that people still public on FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. 

Currently, DeHR's tech team is led by many experts in blockchain, tech, cryptography. We are confident that we can bring the best and safest experience to users.

Q6:Do you have any competitors in your field? if so, what separates you from them?

Answer: Well as far as I've known, there are some projects also trying to serve the recruitment market like helping tech talents get a job in the blockchain industry (Ispolink), matching experts, and hiring companies while being a middle agent to facilitate the payment (Braintrust). 

DeHR is quite different in 02 things:

- More earning choices with a bigger map: in other platforms, users can only earn tokens when they get hired in a niche market: freelancers, technology. With DeHR, they can earn tokens by completing missions (verification, endorsement), by trading NFT items, by providing services to the community, and staking tokens to earn more, they can earn with the survey, financial, and healthcare. And it is global scale, with no limitation.

- More legit: when others verify they know you, they endorse you for some skills, you finished transactions with companies, sellers and they leave a good rating about you. You look absolutely more legit even when you travel to any metaverse when they look at your profile info and stats.

Q7: I love the idea of a metaverse passport, how many partnerships do you have in place to support this feature?

Answer- Frankly speaking we received many connection requests from different projects and associations as they realize the potential, trusted network that DeHR is developing. It’s around 50 so far and still increasing. 

I love this question as it also points out the most beautiful aspect of DeHR: what if DeHR can build a huge community who are verified, endorsed, active and crypto-ready. I guess no businesses or projects want to miss this place right.

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