On October 4, We’ve conducted an AMA in Official KardiaChain English Community, The AMA was held with Ms. Hana Ngo –  CEO & Founder of Hanagold, and Jaden - Hanagold's Head of Marketing.

The AMA session took place over the KardiaChain community on Telegram where Hana and Jaden discussed several amazing facts about Hanagold & the future of the HNG token!


Q1: Can you please introduce the Hanagold project to us?

Answer- HanaGold is a jewelry store chain that applies 4.0 technology in managing and trading gold, silver, and precious stones, buying accumulated gold online according to product value, and receiving gold offline at HanaGold store chain and jewelry system nationwide links.

In addition, HanaGold applies blockchain technology to issue HNG tokens, representing the entire value system of HanaGold on the digital asset platform, HanaGold pioneers in developing NFT jewelry in Vietnam.

Q2: Can you please introduce your key team members to us?

Answer- Executive Board:

Hana Ngo - CEO - Founder

Eric Vuong - Senior advisor

Nguyen Chi Cong - COO

Phan Nhat Minh - Product Development Manager

Truong The Huy- Director of the technology division

Huynh Anh Tan - Director of blockchain technology

Pham Tin Tam- Director of the jewelry production


Nguyen Thi Diep- Chief accountant

Dang Quyen - Legal Human Resources Administration

Huynh Kim - Customer care

These are all experts in the fields of Finance and security. You can visit: https://hanagold.vn/#about-us

Q3: How will HanaGold overcome every obstacle in its project development?

Answer- Each project has also different challenges, and HanaGold too. However, our team consists of seasoned investors in the financial sector, as well as advisors with many years of experience in implementing blockchain projects that provided my team with knowledge of the market, growth, and risk avoidance strategies, what we wrote on the roadmap is what we have successfully applied on our traditional model.

Q4: Who is the Hanagold platform targetting? 

Answer- HanaGold is a jewelry brand with large and small chain stores in Vietnam, we orient the product to run on VNDC wallet and Kardiachain wallet platform (KRC20). And we are proud to be the first traditional product to integrate Blockchain technology into our products.

- Tokenomics features and NFT Jewelry collection in the ecosystem is the main source of blockchain-based HanaGolds to suit both traditional investors and modern investors.

Q5: Can you please tell us about the current partners, plans for partnerships, and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

Answer-  The partnership is very important to help to grow. HanaGold is currently cooperating with many partners not only in Vietnam but also global, some major partners in the Crypto market in Vietnam such as VNDC, BITBACK, CONGTROI NFT, KARDIACHAIN, INVESTPUSH LEGAL, LIVETRADE, CYSTACK, CITIPASS, BLOCKUP, TRUSTPAY, TRUSTCARD, HVA, DAH .

 - These are all experienced partners in the field of NFT Blockchain, which will accompany HANAGOLD in the process of operation as well as product development, consulting as well as supporting technical and Marketing issues to bring to customers a real quality product for NFT Vietnam as well as the Global Market.

Q6: What are the major milestone Hanagold has achieved so far and what are in the future pipeline?


Quarter IV 2020:

- Establish HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company  

Quarter I 2021:

-Open the head office at 136 Le Tuan Mau, Ward 13, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

-Complete factory setup

Quarter IV 2021:

-Launch the demo version of HanaGold mobile application  

-Get the first 100 users to experience the application

-Develop 50 agents.

-Open 3 showrooms in Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi.

For details roadmap, you can visit hanagold.finance

Q7: Currently, many NFT gaming platform projects are emerging. In what way will Hanagold NFT Jewelry become unique and competitive in this niche?

Answer- Hanagold is a brand that has a large-scale jewelry store available outside the community. You buy NFT Jewelry on Hanagold, not only to collect on your wallet but also to convert to Real Jewelry (with certifications). industry standard quality) to gift your loved ones.

- NFT jewelry is a new niche in the NFT Blockchain market.

- Hanagold has a chain of Stores and cooperates with partners, experts who have proven their success as well as a lot of experience in the jewelry industry, finance, and Blockchain experts.

- The team has many years of experience in the field of Golden Emperor.

- Get security and marketing advice from experts from the top of the industry.

Q8: How do you intend to raise awareness of your project in the regions or countries where English is not widely spoken?

Do you have an outreach strategy to help them better understand the project on the Kardiachain platform and VNDC?

Answer- We welcome ambassadors from all over the world, if you or someone you feel has the ability to create a community where you live, contact us. There will be programs and rewards for local communities to get involved and reach more people. Follow and update our channel: https://t.me/hngchannel

Q9: During your project development period, did you consider community feedback or requests to further expand on new ideas for your project? And many projects fail because they do not understand their target audience, so I wanted to ask who is the most ideal customer for your product?

Answer- With the highest spirit of demand, in the process of developing the project, we will always listen and acknowledge all the comments of players to try to improve the quality as well as expand the ideas to the project. better day by day.

Besides we are not limited to a specific group of customers, all players who love modern Crypto, NFT or Traditional Jewelry are our customers.

Q10: Do you have plans to expand to non-English speaking communities and hire ambassadors from different countries around the world to ensure broad marketability on the Kardiachain platform?

Answer- Sure, but taking it one step at a time, we will focus on some of the major markets first, then gradually expand to other markets.

More information- https://docs.hanagold.finance/hng-finance/kols


Q1: Can you provide the project roadmap and tell us a little about your plans for 2021 and your plans for the next year 2022?

Answer- you can go here and see details of our roadmap in 2021 and 2022 in the future



Q2: Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many projects developed here so what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plans to develop here?

Answer - We are in Southeast Asia.

Hanagold is a "catch-all" in relation to the industry we are already conquering. From NFT jewelry collections to Jewelry transactions validation, $HNG will lead the industry in crypto technology.


Q3: Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Answer- you can update information about our project through these channels:

Whitepaper- https://hanagold.finance/images/hanagold-whitepaper.pdf

Website- https://hanagold.vn/

Channel- https://t.me/hngchannel

Group chat - https://t.me/Hanagold_Official

Q4: Regarding the current market situation is too unstable, holding back investors.. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in this market situation? And also why should your token holder keep holding?

Answer- We know your mind. However, you guys can see our head office in Vietnam, we have the factory to produce jewelry, we have opened the store chain. The back asset is gold, physical gold you know.

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