Our one-and-only KAIDEX has evolved to the next level. From this moment onward, the Limit Order function is now live for all users to have an all-new trading experience.



This is truly a breakthrough moment for KAIDEX since our launch in early June. KardiaChain always aims to deliver to our KAI Lovers community with the hybrid trading solution of both CEX and DEX experience, and the limit order function is a giant leap towards the completion of our promise.

Simply put, a limit order is an order to buy or sell assets with restrictions on the maximum price to be paid or the minimum price to be received, which is the meaning of “limit order”. With the limit order function, traders on KAIDEX can now easily set their desired price, and everything will be executed automatically, without having them stay on the screen to floor up with the price changing. Furthermore, KAIDEX’s speciality compared to most offers on the market is the Layer-1 limit order, which would execute the limit order right at the moment the set price is fulfilled with no delay to prevent slippage and near-zero fee.

In this launch, the following pairs are supported for limit orders:


The remaining pairs will be live soon.

The design of KAIDEX UI will also help users to easily switch between making market orders and limit orders with only one click on the desktop version or only a touch on the screen in the mobile version. With a timely updated chart, automatic order executing function, friendly-user interface, KAIDEX is growing to be a true All-in-one solution for all crypto traders to earn profits in a risk-controlled manner.

The limit order is only the beginning of the KAIDEX evolution process. Stay tuned for more updates on our development in completing a truly interoperable infrastructure and cross-chain trading experience by the end of this month.

Join in and trade with the new limit order at: https://kaidex.io/exchange

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