A Recap of KardiaChain’s 400% Impressive Rally and Growth

To all our loyal Kardians,

2021 was an exceptional year for KardiaChain. Despite all the challenges thrown at us, we completed all of our development roadmaps and achieved huge milestones in many fields. 

From Aris to Galaxias, KardiaChain has witnessed the biggest gear shifts in this period. Our beloved KAI token, according to CoinMarketCap, has gained a 400% increase in price and over $2 million USD in daily volume trading, and our market cap hit over $300 million USD. 

On the expansion side of things, we were ahead of the curve with the GameFi movement and incubated well-known P2E games including My DeFi Pet, Thetan Arena, and Mytheria.

We cannot thank our Kardian community enough for your support in the past year and the time to come. 

Let’s celebrate with a recap of KardiaChain’s achievements in 2021 and fuel ourselves up for 2022.

Overall, in 2021 KardiaChain witnessed impressive growth including:

- 1 Billion $KAI Staked.

- 25 Million Transactions.

- 290,000 Monthly Active Users.

- $475 Million USD in Volume and $25 Million USD TVL on our KAIDEX.

- 22 dApps developed.

- 14 projects launched on Kaistarter.

- Major Well-Known P2E Games Incubated including My DeFi Pet, Thetan Arena, Mytheria, and Iron Sail’s $KEEY.

- 57 Projects Invested.

In Q1, after the launch of Aris Mainnet 1.0 in December 2020, we soon came up with the Kardia Wallet Chrome extension and successfully launched the Kardia Wallet dApp. With the mobile-first mentality, the Kardia Wallet is continuously updated to be the most versatile product made by KardiaChain for the convenience of our Kardians. Also, along with the Mainnet launch, early participation for KAI staking was available with 20 validators and 26–29% APR delegator rewards.

Currently, our network now has 1 billion $KAI staked, 25 million transactions, 6,500 contracts, a total of 450,000 wallets created, and over 290,000 Monthly Active users. These achievements in 2021 surely serve as the foundation for our network expansion as we head into 2022 and beyond.

Q2 was the game changer for our user experience with the KardiaChain network. In early Q2, along with the completion of swapping KAI ERC20 to KAI Mainnet, our network also supported the creation of KRC20 tokens in the Viet DeFi Movement for everyone to make their DeFi ideas become a reality. In April 2021, we welcomed the first 10 KRC20 tokens. 

By now, there are at least 56 KRC20 tokens coming from a wide range of business models, which is an important milestone in our mission of mass adoption.

And best of all, in June 2021, with the closed beta version racking up over $394,000 in volume, we launched the unique "DEX with CEX experience" KAIDEX V1 on both desktop and mobile versions for all users to have the most seamless trading experience. 

And to ensure our Kaidex provides the best user experience for your trading, our tech team worked hard to help KAIDEX evolve to its most efficient state of KAIDEX V2 with features like the Limit order, omnidirectional swapping, cross-chain swapping, and upgraded security measures. We audit and optimize the Kaidex each quarter in our commitment to provide the best user experience for our traders.

On the achievement side, KAIDEX has accumulated $475 million USD volume and 11 million transactions total.

Dual Bridge in numbers as of Q3

With cross-chain swapping mentioned above, Q3 was when we showed our commitment to fulfilling our promises and completing the roadmap of network development. 

The patent-pending Dual Node technology has allowed us to finally launch the Dual Bridge to help all users connect with two networks, ETH and BSC. This came with the listing of 2 trading pairs from Ethereum, KAI - ETH and KAI-USDT, and KAI is available on PancakeSwap so users can swap WKAI from KardiaChain Mainnet to BEP20 KAI on Binance Smart Chain. 

Also in Q3, our trusty pal for crowdfunding, KAIStarter has shifted themselves to be relaunched as KardiaChain's own IDO launchpad. Since Q3, KAIStarter has contributed to the IDO and exposure of 14 promising projects from GameFi to innovative NFT solutions, especially 2 of our incubated games, Thetan Arena and Mytheria, along with some of our closest partners like MoonKa, HanaGold, and DeHR. 

KAIStarter Crowdfunding + IDO launchpad numbers in November

Finally, we have made some of the best additions to our programs and the largest change in the system ever since the launch of Mainnet 1.0. To handsomely reward our most loyal Kardians in this journey together, we created the prestigious KAIMOND Program for all the long-time stakers to earn DKAI and receive exclusive perks in both our KAIDROP programs, private sale events, and more. With KAIMOND, strong holders in this program, called KAI Diamond Hands will gain the best benefits compared to other rewards programs available on our network. As of late, there are over 8,300 KAI Diamond Hands, over 226 million WKAI locked, and generated over 8 million DKAI. 

KAIMOND Investment ROI as of Q4

And to close 2021 with a bang, right on the day that Aris Mainnet 1.0 was born, on 29 December 2021, we have implemented our first-ever hard fork on the network, code name Galaxias, and completed the upgrade to Mainnet 2.0 at block 6,039,393. The "Galaxias hard fork" is our best effort to optimize our network by increasing the TPS of the network while still maintaining the advantage of low transaction fees, low block time, and leveraging all the core features. Ultimately, our aim is to make Galaxias 2.0 the healthiest and safest network for your DeFi experience coming into 2022.

Once again, we are here because of all your unparalleled support and belief in us. As we head into 2022, KardiaChain will fire on all cylinders and bring next-level success to both the infrastructure and the community. 420 days beyond the moons has passed, and we are all set to prolong those days and move to even farther stars in the cosmos.

Happy New Year, Kardians!

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