Our expansion in the entertainment industry is reaching another height to make blockchain more relatable amongst the mass population. The partnership with an industry-leading media company in Vietnam, MCV Group, will popularise blockchain usage in daily life.

KardiaChain is truly enthusiastic about collaborating with major players in the entertainment industry. We believe the influence of quality viewership will subconsciously help everyone to realise the benefits of blockchain applications in day-to-day activities, which is crucial for our mass adoption mission.

In recent times, we have partnered with several prominent companies in the entertainment industry, such as FAM Central to tokenize the movie production, and Yeah1 TV to exclusively distribute content using blockchain technology. And today, by partnering with us, MCV Groups is delighted to pave the way to mainstream blockchain on media.

MCV is a multi-channel network with a roster of KOLs and streamers with over 300 million followers and over 600 million views on Youtube and Facebook. On Tiktok, MCV is the #1 Vietnamese multi-channel on TikTok in 2020, and is the first Digital Content Creator to reach 10 billion views. They are famous for their broad coverage from large TV channels to social media channels with over 124 well-received programs and meaningful talk shows, reality shows, and sitcom series with the viewership of over 1.2 billion views per month with 60% of the audience are young people. With how influential MCV Group is with the mass, this partnership will increase media coverage, and bring mass exposure for KardiaChain on multiple platforms, including social media channels.

KardiaChain can also gain access to a huge base of credible and reputable KOLs in the country's pop culture. During the COVID outbreak in 2021, the entertainment landscape is shifting to fit in with the circumstances. Most artists could not perform on stage, and they were looking for a new platform to reach their audience. However, users can only use third-party platforms for these activities. Blockchain implementation in the MCV platforms will help KOLs to have their own smart contracts and NFT collectibles for audiences to receive exclusive content, while KOLs can gain benefits directly with transparent records.

One of the most innovative use cases of KardiaChain’s tokenization model will be applied to MCV’s forte is the dating app.  MCV’s next promising project is Speed Couple - an advanced online dating app, geological network and “dating ecosystem” that will provide the best matchmaking experience. Through the subscription of Speed Couple, users will be able to have a safe environment to find the love of their life, enjoy preferential services through MCV affiliations with cinemas, travel agencies and hospitality to spice up their dating activities.

With MCV joining force with KardiaChain’s line-up of entertainment giants, the blockchain exposure to the general public becomes even more promising.

About MCV Group

MAC VIETNAM Media Advertising Development Joint Stock Company (MCV) is a well-known media company and content producer founded in 2007 with great experience in TV show & film production and owning an enormous amount of content. MCV specialises in creating, producing, publishing content on multiple platforms that serve both entertainment purposes and humanistic values. 

Website: https://mcv.com.vn/en/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MCVCorp.Network


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