KardiaChain's recent gaming expansion to be ahead of the GameFi trend has captured the attention of many quality game studios. From today on, our ecosystem welcomes another renowned developer, Divmob. We are thrilled to accelerate blockchain mass adoption via gaming, an entertaining and educational experience.

From our point of view, the issue of the blockchain learning curve can be overcome easily by the gaming approach. Users can subsequently learn about the process of creating values, staking, trading, bidding of tokens and NFTs through how blockchain games simplify these processes. With a reputation for creating educational content and games, Divmob has a vision to bring top-quality yet casual games to the mass. Powered by KardiaChain technology, Divmob's blockchainised games aim to strike a perfect balance between entertainment and investment.

Deemed as one of the most skillful and fortunate developers in the Vietnamese market, the indie studio Divmob has collab with many producers and developers to create some of the best Vietnamese games that got global recognition. Titles like Ninja Revenge, Zombie Age 2, Zombie Age 3, and especially Epic Heroes War have gained over 60 million downloads on Android and iOS and awarded Google Play's Editors Choice. 

Overall, Divmob Game is a great addition to our line-up. We are working hard to make the upcoming "GameFi hub" a whole new enjoyable experience for all KAI Believers and investors.

About Divmob

Divmob is an indie Vietnamese mobile game developer founded in 2012. They are recognized as one of the Top Developers on Google Play with very educational and entertaining games in the market. 

Divmob has produced a lot of games for both Android, and iOS. They are most well-known for developing quality titles like Ninja Revenge, Zombie Age 2, Zombie Age 3, and especially Epic Heroes War. The games are featured on Google Play and Apple Appstore, and have garnered over 60 million downloads. Zombie Age 3 and Epic Heroes War are Editors' Choice. They also got featured on the prestigious Forbes Vietnam. 

Website: http://divmob.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divmob/

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