A second wave of creative projects for KardiaChain's Pioneer Program has entered our competition. Ideas for the blockchain technology keep taking the Vietnamese and International Community by storm. With fully developed Dapps, they will contribute greatly to real-life blockchain applications and boost consumers’ everyday blockchain usage.

Guess we all have to start somewhere—even if that somewhere is on the moon. A total of 40 shortlisted ideas in multiple fields, ranging from finance, real estate, technology, video games, and even outdoor sport. Here are our contestants' ideas below:

Idea 1: Governance INFO (gINFO)

Project's owner: dima31_b485

Solution provided: Upgrade on decentralization for profit sharing, network maintenance and governance.

Brief: Governance INFO (gINFO) will make the dApp more decentralized by allowing it's holders to participate in the profit sharing, network maintenance and governance. gINFO is spendable, which means that it is used to buy access additional ''Premium" features on the website that enable buyers to make financial gains.

Idea 2: The Shopify of NFTs

Project's owner: Nikita

Solution provided: Creation of own NFT marketplace without coding.

Brief: NFTify is a multi-chain platform that allows anyone to create their own NFT marketplace without coding. We launched the working platform in July 2021. Currently on 3 chains: BSC, ETH, Polygon; and planning to integrate with more chains. NFTify acquired nearly 10,000 registered users including some big brands in traditional business from the US, UK, India etc., Their team has been constantly working on releasing new features, enhancing overall to provide a seamless platform for our users. Their users have been extremely satisfied with the progress, UI/UX design and some unique features that makes NFTify the leader of the market.

Idea 3: Hitaya DApp

Project's owner: base234

Solution provided: Provide added data security & enable patients to own health data.

Brief: Hitaya DApp primary focus is to enable users belonging to an organization to transfer tokens or (HAT Tokens) which will be widely accepted in the organization as a form of coupons/currency in organization canteen, gyms, or malls, or users can transfer these tokens among its peers or swap it with other tokens or currency, save contacts in blockchain, and view income/expenditure in a dashboard.

Idea 4: Aboat Entertainment

Project's owner: Aboat / Fabian Reichenberg

Solution provided: Allows content creators with more opportunities.

Brief: Aboat Entertainment follows the mission to enable new and upcoming content creators to live their dream. We give them the opportunity to receive blockchain-based monetization from day one and give them access to more visibility.

Idea 5: PredictRAM DeFi

Project's owner: PredictRAM

Solution provided: Utilizing combined power of computer intelligence (AI,ML) human intelligence(CI) and Web 3.0 technology Brief: PredictRAM DeFi analyzes risk & volatility using predictive models Aggregating opinions & portfolios of professionals & optimizing oracle creating customized synthetic asset in which user can take position to mitigate risk. Almost 10 times low transaction cost due tono Intermediaries and broker Transparency All transactions on a blockchain network are accessible to all network participants orregulators.

Idea 6: RCX an NFT Market place for sustainable ecosystem

Project's owner: RCX Labs Solution provided: Vehicle recycling / resale market

Brief: Blockchain is Ideal technology which could disrupt Vehicle recycling / resale market by overcoming all the roadblocks.

Our Idea includes the following Features:

- Tracking when and where the vehicle may available for Recycling or Resale

- Helping Owners to yield more returns on Resale / Recycling

- Helping Dealers for merchandising their newly launched vehicle - More visiblity on vehicle ownership as NFTs

- Adds value within business, between business & governments

- Provides more data sets for owners, dealers, recyclers on their purchase

Idea 7: Rafflable - Blockchain raffles for all

Project's owner: Rafflable.io

Solution provided: Raise money by leveraging the potential of NFT as a ticket to a raffle

Brief: Rafflable aims to be the gateway for all who wants to raise money by leveraging the KardiaChain. Rafflable aims to be the gateway for all who wants to raise money by leveraging the potential of NFT as a ticket to a raffle.

Think of it as a cross between Opensea and Kickstarter but for campaigns done via raffles built with NFT. For a long time, raffles have been used in community events to raise money for a cause and part of the fundraise is typically used to finance the prizes of the raffle.

That's what Rafflable brings to the blockchain on a massive scale : everyone can create and promote a worldwide raffle in under a minute and the whole world can participate in it. We aim to disrupt online crowdfunding by pioneering a fundraising strategy that brings incentive to the supporters long after the campaign is closed.

Idea 8: Commission-less Hotel Listing and Booking Dapp.

Project's owner: kushagra527_e92f

Solution provided: Tool for hotels with fixed one-time or recurring subscription based fee.

Brief: Travel websites take a small commission from hotels to list them. This increases the cost to customer. My idea is to remove any intermediate. A website which lets anyone put their hotels for a fixed one-time or a recurring subscription based fee, and lets anyone book any listed hotel. No additional fee assosiated with bookings, thus reducing the overall cost.

Idea 9: RobinMania

Project's owner: RobinMania

Solution provided: 2D RPG game

Brief: This project is a 2D RPG game, named Robin Mania, after the main character. Players get into the game and start exploring, fighting enemies and bosses to unlock chests and mint new items. They can by then gain power and get into new worlds in the game.

Idea 10: Unreal Engine Plugin for Blockchain interaction

Project's owner: Daubit

Solution provided: Plugin for Unreal Engine

Brief: Create a Plugin for Unreal Engine to ease Game Creators access to the blockchain Implementation: We created a C++ Unreal Plugin to make JSONRPC calls to the Kardiachain RPC Endpoint. The Plugin is usable from C++ and Blueprints(UE Visual Scripting). We also create an endless Jumper that uses Blockchain Data to randomise the environment as an example and proof of concept.


Project's owner: MANIPAL MASTERS

Solution provided: Complete Dapp development kit and workspace.

Brief: ALMIGHT is trying to do a similar thing, to what FireBase has done for WEB2. The difference is that we will cover most of the built functionalities from WEB2 and WEB3 together. The core objective of ALMIGHT is to better developer experience while delivering products with top-notch user experience. We connect technologies such as 1. PAYMENT GATEWAYS, SOCIAL SIGN-IN, CENTRALISED STORAGE, DECENTRALISED STORAGE, DATABASE, TRANSACTION, AND EVENT HISTORY, WALLET AND PROVIDERS, SMART CONTRACTS, AND MANY MORE through a single function call.

Idea 12: Make KardiaChain (KAI) Token Private and Anonymous Transactions

Project's owner: Smash Cash

Solution provided: Make KAI token transaction private and anonymous

Brief: KAI token holders can transact on KAI blockchain privately and anonymously protecting their identify and transaction history on the blockchain. KAI token holders can diversify the token holdings in multiple wallets. This will help users to eliminate volatile price actions when a big wallet decide to sell his tokens SmashCash is a Layer 1 privacy protocol that supports 11 blockchains and 29 tokens.

✔Private and Anonymous Transactions on 11 Blockchains and 29 Tokens.

✔Certik Audit. (Number one secure BSC project as per Certik Audit)

✔Token price stabilizer to stabilize price of tokens.

✔NFT Marketplace

✔ NFT Staking


Idea 13: Block hack

Project's owner: Block hack

Solution provided: Decentralized application with an evolving rewards system.

Brief: Levels learns and personalizes loyalty rewards to your preferences. Levels is a decentralized application that generates rewards passes for restaurants, stores, and other places that consumers frequent. These reward passes, which we call LevelPass, act as NFTs and evolve over time as the consumer uses our application more, leading to bigger and better rewards.

Idea 14: Polyecho - A Music Making NFT Platform Project's owner: Polyecho Solution provided: Publicly co-create songs worthy of purchase by NFT collectors.

Brief: Collectors can explore, curate, and own a wild world of memetic music. Proceeds are distributed to the artists, including future royalties.

Why We Built It -

  • We like when crypto-art is more than art purchased and represented on a blockchain.
  • We see untapped potential in using these powerful coordination tools to directly influence musical collaboration.
  • We believe creative works born from these collaborations could hold unique cultural significance among collectors and provide more opportunities for artists to earn their way as a community.



  • Allow users to create new projects to collaborate on
  • Allow users to upload stems to be stored on IPFS and contribute to a project Allowing users to playback individual tracks with visualization and/or play all tracks simultaneously
  • Allow projects to be minted as audio NFTs and sold for 0.01 MATIC/ETH
  • Contributors split sale price evenly
  • Allow NFTs to be bought and sold on a secondary market
  • Seller gets 90% sale price
  • Contributors split 10% sale price evenly as royalties

Idea 15: SignX - Digital signatures powered by the blockchain

Project's owner: BUIDLER CLAN

Solution provided: Provide decentralized, highly secure and tamper proof E-Sign Experience.

Brief: The current web2 digital signature tech uses PKI as it's underlying backbone, I believe blockchain is the match made in heaven for being the underlying tech to hold digital signatures. SignX aims to make digital signatures super simple, easy and flexible. Regular organizations as well as DAOs will need Esignatures. SignX can be the go-to tool.

Idea 16: MedBlock

Project's owner: Code squad

Solution provided: A Decentralised platform to store all records in a patient's medical history using blockchain in a chronological order.

Brief: It stores records as immutable data on the blockchain which can’t be changed once added. Medical data can be linked to patient’s history only on consent of the patient and concerned hospital. (Preventing any misuse of authority) Use of blockchain assures highest uptime and security for your sensitive data.

Features of MedBlock

● Highly secured Data due to immutable nature of blockchain

● Clean UI with easy to understand UX

● 24*7 Access resulting in zero downtime of the application

● Medical records are accessible from anywhere with patients public key

● Useful to verify data during process like army selection where medical data is extremely valuable

● Prevents central control over the data

Idea 17: NFT Marketplace

Project's owner: Dapp Developer Solution provided: NFT marketplace and platform

Brief: Build NFT marketplace on the KardiaChain Network from existing project.

These features will be included on the nft marketplace.

- User can mint nft from there asset.

- We can integrate any minting engine. (so artiest can contact to us with their all assets or collection contract address. then we can integrate their mint system to our platform)

- User can buy/sell nft.

- It supports Auction system.

- There are user profile management system. (in the profile page, user can see their owned, onsale, created, liked nft)

- There are like/unlike nft feature.

- ERC20 Token & KAI (native coin) payment system.

- The important things that there are import collection feature. so if user contact with us and tell their collection address, then we will import their all nfts to our system. so that users can trade it's nfts on our platform.

Idea 18: MetaCraft Project's owner: MetaCraft

Solution provided: Decentralized, multi-chain, community-driven virtual space where players can play, build, own, trade, and profit

Brief: We started MetaCraft to create a truly decentralized, multi-chain, community-driven virtual space where players can play, build, own, trade, and profit through skilled gameplay and contribution to the ecosystem. MetaCraft is built on the backbone of the all-time most popular game Minecraft. Utilizing its proven success, strong community and open source ecosystems, we can expand quickly and to the decentralized gaming metaverse of MetaCraft.

Idea 19: Smart contract compiler for KSML, solidity ++ and solidity

Project's owner: victor425_0860

Solution provided: A custom compiler for smart contracts written on the KardiChain platform, Vite chain

Brief: This smart contract editor seeks to serve as base for a remix-ide/truffle for solidity ++ and KSML language

Idea 20: Trusted Asset Framework

Project's owner: DivyaSingh152_8500

Solution provided: Provide an Integrated and Trusted, end-to-end framework over a blockchain


  1. Creating NFTs: Owner can convert their asset into a Non Fungible Token(NFT). This will facilitate easier asset exchange. Each asset will be a unique token and its exchange will be equivalent to a simple token transfer.
  2. Tracking Products: Our chain will maintain a history of owners of an asset along with the information on who owns it currently therefore any counterfeit product running in the market will easily be eliminated.
  3. Eliminate Mediators: Parties can directly interact via our platform without the involvement of a mediator. This adds an extra layer of transparency in transaction.
  4. Eliminate Manual Work: Our officials will inspect the asset, take descriptive photographs and comprehensive videos to give the users a fair description of the asset.
  5. Eliminate Trust Issues: A digital KYC is mandatory for an owner to upload his asset. The asset history is tracked via a Blockchain and is available online for verification at all times. Similarly, a buyer needs to be verified via a digital KYC and the buyer history is tracked too.
  6. Authentic User Reviews: Only an owner is allowed to review a buyer. Only a buyer is allowed to review an asset and its owner. This filters out paid reviews. A reputation of the Owner, Buyer and the Asset is built over time on our platform.

Idea 21: Solushare

Project's owner: solute

Solution provided: An education platform for students and teachers

Brief: An education platform for students and teachers, where questions are asked and solved by the users. The users can earn points by asking questions or posting solutions to the users. The users can earn points by asking questions or posting solutions to the problems. Points in turn get converted into crypto currency via a variable rate. Features: Users can post questions. Users can reply/ answer a question. Detailed explanation by a teacher can be shared via a video. Doing any of the above can result in gaining points which then gets converted into money. Which results in no middle man between students and teachers. Users can gain experience badges to show off their skills in a particular topic. Users can also gift award badges to any solution or question.

Idea 22: Mobile Decentralized Storage

Project's owner: SwarmFairOsIPFSDapp

Solution provided: An awesome lightweight decentralized mobile storage Dapp.

Brief: Simple to use. Lightweight 3 decentralized cloud storage providers Once the dapp hass been completed users will be able to store and access files stored in IPFS, SWARM, Fairdrive directly on their mobile phones on a native app.

Idea 23: NFTickets

Project's owner: issa9_f0f0

Solution provided: Combines the storage of a ticket in the form of a unique QR code.

Brief: The project combines the storage of a ticket in the form of a unique QR code which is stored on IPFS and redeemed on usage. The dapp has been build in it most simplest form for the hackathon. Process of usage: Contract is deployed, User logs in, adds a ticket to purchase, a ticket is then created and stored (IPFS), and then the ticket is burnt when used/presented.

Idea 24: Space Invaders

Project's owner: florah_51ba

Solution provided: A single player retro or classic game on web3.0

Brief: The game is built using html, css and js and the idea is that when the player sets new high score, it is then published on the blockchain.

Idea 25: Blinds

Project's owner: kishan706_be33

Solution provided: An open and decentralized marketplace for outdoor advertising.

Brief: We have built our own proprietary tech and tested it in real world use case. We are working on running our first pilot with 3 screens on our platform by using our proprietary tech, and a web application as a marketplace for outdoor advertising.


Project's owner: mimansaporwal99_450b

Solution provided: Social Goods and Community Engagement Projects

Brief: Concept Carbon trading is simply the buying and selling either the right to produce carbon dioxide emissions or the Credit generated by saving current or future Emissions, so that people, countries, or companies who use a lot of fuel and electricity can buy rights from those that do not use so much. Benefits Equitable: Carbon Emissions are not uniform among developing and developed countries and the division as per IPCC recognizes the disparity. of Future Emissions without compromising on economic growth

Idea 27: Wize

Project's owner: Wize

Solution provided: Provide ready to deploy NFT tokens to provide work credentials by organizations, DAOs, etc

Brief: We provide ready to deploy NFT tokens to provide work credentials by organizations, DAOs etc. This can be applied in other domains to create web3 user wallet verification with onchain records and data.

Idea 28: Contrato - Smart Contracts

Project's owner: Contrato

Solution provided: A secure method of contract management and execution.

Brief: Our solution is Contrato, which is a secure method of contract management and execution. it includes:

1 - Blockchain-account based e-signatures

2 - Create NFT for Document Data and Verification

3 - Update NFT for Document Status Changes

4 - Link Smart Contracts for financial transactions

5 - Enable On-Chain Payment Transactions (Part-Payment)

6 - Accounting and Reconciliation Reporting

Idea 29: TaiShang Micro FaaS System with Code NFT

Project's owner: NonceGeek Solution provided: Construct a new type of FaaS system

Brief: Combining with blockchain, we can construct a new type of FaaS system• transparent, open, and immutable on-chain functions All code snippets, functions, and modules are stored in the Arweave blockchain, anddynamically loaded into memory while the FaaS service is running. The functions aretransparent, open, and immutable. Therefore, it is possible to share the uploaded functionsamong users through an open function market, thus making F (in FaaS) a Lego building block. • allow state storage Through the functions, users can store the state on each blockchain network, and read thestate from it. The authentication is realized through the signature that follows the Ethereumstandard, which breaks through the stateless limitation of the traditional FaaS system

Idea 30: NFT Marketplace for physical assets

Project's owner: kirtipurohit025_c6fd

Solution provided: NFT Marketplace for physical assets.

Brief: NFTs can also be made for real-world physical assets like Jewelry, stones and brand dressing. These NFTs can be physically presented in the form of QR or tag or any other way which would show the integrity of real item and not a fake one. The unique nature and sturdy security makes it possible to expand this in many possible ways. As the world today employs NFTs for digital items, it's a new idea to bring the same level of security to the items in physical world. Physical NFTs are starting to boom and its revolutionizing the concept of trusting a third-party.

Idea 31: GrowLimitLess - One Unified Crypto Interface Protocol.

Project's owner: GrowGlobal

Solution provided: Tokenize Your Phone/Email with Your Wallet

Brief: Our solution is about creating a Unified Crypto Interface which helps in bridging the gap between wallets and phone numbers / email ids. Using the power of blockchain, we aim to create a link between phone number and wallet and at the same time retain the KYC information of the customers.

Idea 32: KardiaChain Fantasy Cricket Project's owner: chotu.kv_df50

Project's owner: chotu.kv_df50

Solution provided: Build a fantasy cricket game, based on Kardiachain.

Brief: Participants can enter the game by paying a small, fixed amount of KAI.

This money goes to the game pool.

• The smart contract will maintain the scores of different players, based on their performance.

• Each participant will create a team of players. The teams will be scored based on the sum of scores of the players in it.

• Top 10 teams will be selected and the participants who created those teams will be paid out from the money pool.

• Winners will also get NFTs based on the captain of their teams. Having these NFTs can reduce the cost of entering, and can be used for tie-breakers as well.

• Through this project, we’ll be creating DAO, NFTs for a gaming platform on KardiaChain, thus boosting KardiaChain usage.

Idea 33: FP&A in Crypto

Project's owner: Ignited_Minds

Solution provided: A one stop solution for co-founders, Finance Leaders, Investors to understand, analyse and introspect the financial books of enterprise.

Brief: Idea is to create a FP&A application, to help crypto start-ups in managing and analysing their risks, growth projections etc. The core idea is to develop it for the start-ups in DeFi/Blockchain vertical. The project also supports sharing the data with investors for timely purposes. Versioning of each projections made by CFO/VP(Finance), will be stored as contract and later can be used to compare and analyze the successful projection rate. This can also help in scenario Management. Integrating it with various apps across accounting sector, will give you a broad view of capital in hand, runway, etc.

Idea 34: Kardiachain War Alpha

Project's owner: chris643_16b7

Solution provided: A game with upgradable NFTs.

Brief: Kardiachain War Alpha is a game with upgradable NFTs. Mint a basic spaceship to start with. Pilot it in the game and fight enemies! Harvest their parts. Upgrade your ship. Then sell your upgraded NFT.

Idea 35: KardiFinance

Project's owner: M.MAHESH Solution provided: Kardi finance is a defi protocol


1. Dex

2. Yield farming, liquidity pools.

3. Lending and Borrowing with self-repaying mechanism.

4. With the most user friendly UI.

5. NFT marketplace.

6. Best yield aggregator.

Idea 36: Well-Being- an outright geriatric destination

Project's owner: Virtual Lee Solution provided: An outright destination interface for geriatric care

Brief: To design and devise an outright destination interface for geriatric care to provide outright assistance towards the elderly and differently abled people encompassing each and every basic requirement and fulfill their needs to the maximal extent, leveraging Kardiachain ecosystem.

Idea 37: Spense

Project's owner: ravi4213_f066

Solution provided: A powered decentralised solution which simplifies expense sharing.

Brief: We consolidate all of your pooled expenditures, receivables and payables into a single area, simplifying the process of determining who owes what. All our transactions are fast, digital, secure and worldwide, which in essence allow the maintenance of records without risk of data being pirated. Our platform runs on cloud which enables you to access it from any device, including an iPhone, an Android smartphone, or a computer.

Idea 38: WOLFILANDReset

Project's owner: WSPPTeam

Solution provided: Combination of Defi, Game and NFT technology

Brief: Wolfiland is a new innovation to combine Defi, Game and NFT technology with digital market in one Metaverse system. Moreover, it provides passive income for Token and NFT holders in a unique way and a new method. Our best version is to open the metaverse marketplace where everyone around the world can see 3D items before buying and give interactions what has been purchased into items in the metaverse. as a Standard Token Wolfiland is very adaptable to SmartContract so that it can be combined into many crypto projects. Easy to Use Prioritizing projects & investors, with perfect technology, our team believes the value of Wolfiland will not decrease because it It has been calculated by experts in seeing current trends juxtaposed with reality.. Value Proposition Value project & Investor Focus

Idea 39: Crediall

Project's owner: ravi4213_f066

Solution provided: A decentralized consumer credit.

Brief: Crediall is a DEFI protocol that us BNPL platform built on KardiaChain blockchain. Here we bring Crediall– future looking platform that intent to share the benefits with all participants. We aim for the market for everyday transactions and micropayments powered with Crypto and BNPL. Platform integrates third party apps, merchants, online ecommerce stores and famous staking mechanism. Introducing Crediall token that is reward format on defined events – purchase, installment paid. Crediall is bringing two sets of features Integrated wallets of KardiaChain, ETHERUM and AURORA and corresponding defi functions like show transactions, wallet transfer, staking to earn a yield and more.

Idea 40: Kardia Bridge

Project's owner: renuka556_04ed

Solution provided: Explore the Solution Demo of KardiaChain Bridge

Brief: We deep dive into how we have utilized the KardiaChain storage and video capabilities to bring entire platform for specially abled people.

• Technically – KardiaChain generated APIs have elevated features to support inclusivity with

• Videos with additional speech to text subtitle functionality

• Sign language video generated in frame to understand content seamlessly

• Community and chat features on existing Videos to make them more knowledge rich for everyone


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