For the first time, KardiaChain will host the KardiaChain Pioneer Program — a DApp design and development competition. The purpose of this competition is to expand KardiaChain’s ecosystem and implement Dapps into real-life applications. The judges for this competition will be KardiaChain Labs’ experts and sponsored by KardiaChain Foundation.

KardiaChain Pioneer Program aims to bring blockchain solutions to domestic developers while simultaneously introduce KardiaChain’s technology to other blockchain developers, increase the amount of quality Dapps in the market for the Vietnamese community and build a foundation for blockchain development / mass adoption in the near future both in Vietnam and other countries on a global scale.

The final victors will have the opportunity to be listed on KAIDEX — the unique DEX developed by KardiaChain Labs Team.

Competition rules:

Develop DApps on KardiaChain Network.

Programming language: Solidity.

DApps: Web version or mobile applications.

For more information about KardiaChain, please visit:

Technical support group:

There will be three rounds to compete:

Round 1: Ideas/Concept (from 11 May 2021 to 18 May 2021)

Participating teams will present their ideas however they wish (via documents, videos, …), along with an abstract summary of the project in less than 500 words. Submit your ideas to

At 23:59 of 18 May 2021, the organising committee will not accept any more entries.

All submissions will be gathered and publicly announced for the community to vote in the Vietnamese Telegram group of KardiaChain:

The top ten projects with the highest votes with completed pitch deck and yellowpaper (or whitepaper) will receive a prize of 1,000 KAI and move to round 2.

Round 2: Accelerate (from 19 May 2021 to 26 May 2021)

The participating teams will develop and complete the DApp.

At 23h59 26 May 2021, all the DApps’ basic technology must be completed (fulfilled with smart contract, usable interface, etc.). DApps that are not fully functional will be disqualified from the competition.

Ten qualifying DApp projects will receive a prize of 5000 KAI and proceed to Round 3.

Round 3: Final (from 27 May 2021 to 3 June 2021)

The participating teams must build their own Telegram community and with their own DApp users.

At 19:00 3 June 2021, KardiaChain will create a poll for our Vietnamese Telegram Community to vote at The voting process will end at 23:59 on the same day.

The top 3 Dapps votes by both the judges and the community will be the final winners with specific prizes.


First prize: 50,000 KAI.

Second prize: 25,000 KAI.

Third prize: 10,000 KAI.

There will be bonus rewards up to 50,000 KAI from the innovation hub for outstanding Dapps, such as those with the most innovative ideas, DApps with most users, with the best UI, DApps with the most transactions, etc.

Winning projects will receive legal, policy, expertise, workspace, and capital advice from the Kardia Ventures Foundation.

In addition, other potential projects will have the opportunity to get IDO (Initial DEX offering) on KAIDEX (for projects with KRC-20 tokens only).


  • No adult/pornographic theme (18+) or violation of Vietnamese fine customs.
  • No gambling.
  • No political issue discussions.
  • No violation of Vietnamese laws.

Encouraging fields:

  • DeFi (decentralized finance)
  • Video game
  • NFT
  • Utility tools
  • Web3
  • Others.

Important notices:

  • Each team can only register one DApp project in Round 1. Repetition of ideas with other contestants or concepts that have already existed is acceptable.
  • Individuals, groups, or organizations can participate.
  • Documents, videos, and pictures concerning the project introduction must have a Vietnamese version.
  • When finalizing the product, all DApps must make the source code public on Github.

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