KardiaChain has always set the blockchain gaming segment as one of our main directions in the journey of mass adoption, and it's high time we get involved in more gaming activities in the blockchain landscape. Joining the Blockchain Game Alliance is a fundamental step for KardiaChain to introduce to a wider audience about our GameFi projects with a revolutionized Play-To-Earn concept and spread out more innovative earning incentives to the masses.


What is BGA?

Blockchain Game Alliance, or BGA, is a coalition with the objective to engage and amplify the development and adoption of blockchain technology through its most approachable use case, gaming. 

The Alliance currently has over 200 members, including household names in multiple industries ranging from video games and hardware, blockchain and NFT platforms such as AMD, Matic Network, Ubisoft, Gameloft, Animoca, Polkadot, etc. The collective is also an information-sharing hub for all participating businesses and individuals to share their information and expertise to further forward the grand plan of mass adoption. 

BGA's mission is to provide either individuals or businesses with knowledge about blockchain applications in video games to accelerate the process of mass adoption. This mission is aligned with Kardiachain's ultimate goal: laying a foundation for global blockchain mass adoption via gaming. 

How KardiaChain and the incubated games benefit from joining BGA?

From minute individual memberships to big businesses and service companies, no matter who you are or how large your scale, BGA membership is all-inclusive for all entities that desire to contribute to a larger digital cause. KardiaChain and the two most successful GameFi projects in the KardiaChain's network, My DeFi Pet and Thetan Arena, are among the yearly members to participate in the alliance core activities and worldwide exposure.

More specifically, the alliance will grant all KardiaChain's projects business additional features such as being featured in BGA company directory, access to all events organized by BGA, KaridaChain and the games' news featured on the newsletter and inclusion in blog posts with deep focus. Additionally, many amenities are also included, such as events, early access or exclusive to sales, and so on. 

With KardiaChain being one of the top-tier members in the alliance, the KardiaChain branding will appear at major BGA events and BGA website for the best online coverage on many channels. Moreover, many will be able to get more insights with KardiaChain being a key speaker at many BGA online panels and meetups, and exclusive personal updates about KardiaChain's progress on Twitter and newsletter for all subscribers.

Find out more about BGA:

Website: https://www.blockchaingamealliance.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BGameAlliance

Medium: https://medium.com/@BGameAlliance

Discord: discord.gg/9MXnj5x

Telegram channel: https://t.me/BGA_Discussion_Channel

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