KardiaChain & Rove have teamed up to bring you, KAI ecosystem members, your very own Metaverse lands + KAI homes. 

Kardiaverse currently has 501 lands, including privately owned and public spaces.

To own land and a KAI home in Kardiaverse, you need to mint. Once you finish minting land, you can continue building architecture and make use of the space. KAI members can get the KAI-themed house or any architectural style of your liking.

Having a home space is the first step to exploring the metaverse. You can deck the walls in your home with your NFTs or non NFT art (jpeg images, gifs) and show them to the world. With crystal clear voice chat and screen sharing functions, invite your friends to hang out at your cozy home in Kardiaverse: sharing ideas, hosting intimate conversations, movie night etc.

STEP 1: Sign in Kardiaverse on PC (minting on PC to ensure a smooth process)

  • Enter your email address and type in the OTP code sent to your email address

STEP 2: Connect your wallet

  • Once you are signed in, place the cursor at the burger menu and click Wallet Management to connect to your wallet

Note: One Rove account can connect to multiple Wallets, but a Wallet can not connect to multiple Rove accounts. So, if you already have a previous ROVE account you need to use that to sign in.



STEP 3: Mint the land

  • It’s time to choose an empty land to mint. 
  • When you click on the land, the empty one does not have the owner's name on the side bar. 

  • Look for empty land to mint if the land is already minted. For ex: this land is already minted by Bobby. 

  • Click on “Mint this land” to start minting. You will pay 0.0001 KAI + gas fee to mint one land!
  • Minting might require additional gas fees (as suggested by Metamask or other wallets) to ensure completion, depending on gas prices and demand at the time of minting
  • Please be patient and wait for the minting to finish


STEP 4: Upgrade your space 


  • Click Enter Space to view your new land and start upgrading it.

  • You will be taken to your new land, which is beautiful yet empty at first. Don’t worry, you can build an architecture by clicking Upgrade your space.


  • You will be taken to the ROVE Architecture store, scroll down and choose “KardiaChain x Rove Home” architecture and click Buy
  • For minting KAI home, you are paying 100 KAI + gas fee. 


  • Approve the transaction and be patient. Once it’s done, you will get into your first home in the metaverse!



STEP 6: Make it your home

  • Once you're inside you can display NFT or non NFT arts on the walls, invite people to come chill, hold meetings, etc. 
  • You can give your home a name by hitting the hamburger menu at the top right of your screen, going to settings and then changing the home name, URL or description based on your preference. 
  • You can password lock your land so only your friends have access to or lock the art change so visitors cannot change your art.



  • You can also change your avatar by clicking on the hamburger menu and click Update Profile




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