Following the rapid expansion of KardiaChain in the blockchain game industry, the team continues to pack a massive pipeline of projects for the next exploding movement. Joining forces with a world-class developer - Hiker Games is our loud and clear message for our quality-first approach in GameFi.

The recent trend in GameFi hastens developers to prioritise time-to-market over other aspects. As a result, most blockchain games today are with casual gameplay or simple click-to-earn mechanisms. The thirst of hardcore gamers in blockchain space is yet to be quenched. The arrival of Hiker Games as one of our leading studios will capture the attention of the mainstream gaming community with the best of quality games and diverse genres while inheriting KardiaChain's blockchain technology with many advantages in the market. It is important that gamers should approach GameFi for the entertainment aspect and true ownership of in-game values before the benefit of earning.

Hiker Games, originally called Emobi, is the first video game developer in Vietnam aiming for the blockbuster in the AAA tier with the most famous Vietnamese first-person shooters of all time, 7554, released in 2011. Since then, Hiker has developed and deployed some of the most popular Vietnamese video games on multiple platforms, ranging from Google Play, Appstore, and Steam with over 20 million downloads, and over $15 million spent by users to their games. Their most outstanding achievements are 7554, Toy Odyssey, Kungfu Master (Mộng Võ Lâm), FZ9: Timeshift, and Caravan War. 

With Hiker Games in our GameFi line-up in the upcoming transformation, the sky's the limit. 

About Hiker Games

Hiker Games was founded on April, 21st 2009. Their mission is to create joyful experiences for gamers at the palm of their hands. With a passionate team of over 50 professional developers, 10 years of gaming production, and a community-centric attitude, they have published a number of well-received games such as Caravan War and Kungfu Master. They hope to continue bringing Vietnamese games to the international stage while nourishing a creative environment for everyone.




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