Dear KAI Believers,

The latest release of the Limit Order function marks the feature completion of our game-changing KAIDEX. Our next target is to bring the cross-chain interaction between ETH-KAI and BSC-KAI on our network to provide a truly interoperable experience for our wonderful community.

However, challenges still arrive in unfortunate fashions. Recently, a new and aggressive wave of COVID-19 swept through Ho Chi Minh City, causing a total city lockdown in the past 14 days, and we are still waiting for more instructions from the government amidst the pandemic. This results in part of our tech team currently being in mandatory quarantine while the rest is having limited access to their workstations.

Moreover, stability and security are still a matter at hand that we cannot overlook. Over the last few weeks, multiple attacks and exploitation have happened with established chains such as Chainswap, Anyswap, Thorchain, etc. Our owned NFT game project, My DeFi Pet, was also affected by this attack

As we mentioned before, we put users’ security as the top priority. The recent chain of events got us to toughen up our defence even more to protect our beloved users. Therefore, our team needs to have the flexibility and thorough consideration through these tough times, we again thank you for your continued support and patience. 

That being said, we are thrilled and excited to provide you with all the updated launching dates as follows:

  • End of July - August: Complete cross-chain bridge for ETH-KAI.
  • Q3/2021: Complete cross-chain bridge for BSC-KAI.

Please note that the new schedule is based on our best estimation and efforts, and the plan is subject to change if further challenges emerge. We can only launch the product officially when the team is back in office and ready to take action, should any attempted attack occur.

Once again, we send our greatest appreciation to all KAI Believers. All your patience will be worthwhile with our upcoming products.

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