How time flies by! We are now at the end of 2021, it's time for Season's Greetings. We send our best wishes to each and every Kardians in our wonderful community, we hope that yo will have the best festive season in December 2021.

November was a strong month for KardiaChain with many product alterations for the healthiest experience on our network, new partnerships to increase the exposure of KardiaChain and the ecosystem while introducing new programs to kick-start further growth in the future.

Let's take a look at our achievements in November 2021.


KardiaChain’s GameFi segment gains worldwide recognition by joining Blockchain Game Alliance

KardiaChain has always set the blockchain gaming segment as one of our main directions in the journey of mass adoption, and it's high time we get involved in more gaming activities in the blockchain landscape. Joining the Blockchain Game Alliance is a fundamental step for KardiaChain to introduce to a wider audience about our GameFi projects with a revolutionized Play-To-Earn concept and spread out more innovative earning incentives to the masses.

From minute individual memberships to big businesses and service companies, no matter who you are or how large your scale, BGA membership is all-inclusive for all entities that desire to contribute to a larger digital cause. KardiaChain and the two most successful GameFi projects in the KardiaChain's network, My DeFi Pet and Thetan Arena, are among the yearly members to participate in the alliance core activities and worldwide exposure.

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KardiaChain and VeriChains Labs join hands to ensure security and endorse KAI Ecosystem

We are excited to announce that KardiaChain and VeriChains Labs are now in a strategic partnership to assure cybersecurity and endorse all projects in the KAI ecosystem umbrella.

As the result of this partnership, all existing or upcoming KRC20 projects will be attentively audited by VeriChains Labs with concession fees, providing an economical opportunity for every project to strengthen their security measure and healthy development. Alongside such benefits, Verichains Labs would also support the developers in other inquiries, such as technical Q&A, issues resolving, security recommendation, and last but not least, supporting tools for the IDO process on KAIStarter.

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5MC and KardiaChain form an exclusive partnership to endorse KardiaChain's gamefi direction, Whydah and Iron Sail 

Soon there will be an upcoming exclusive program for our guild such as NFT rewards, drop boxes, and special events led by 5MC for the Philippines community, later at a global scale. 

5MC has 100 all-Filipino NFT gamers in KardiaChain's games My Defi Pet and Thetan Arena, and soon be Mytheria. 5MC also strongly believes in our gaming entity Whydah and the metaverse gamefi hub Iron Sail, a treasure-hunting journey with KAI's next incubated games. 5MC aims to expand globally to help every gamefi enthusiast joining in KAI promising gamefi direction.

Founder of 5MC , global CM lead of My Defi Pet and Mytheria, CryptoPreneur stated: "I myself and my guild is a part of KardiaChain and will follow KardiaChain mission to bring mass adoption, right now through gamefi sector. We started the guild when DPET, THG and MYRA were in the market, which was a big opportunity to understand gamefi."

2/Products and ecosystem

Treasury goal of 1 billion KAI to empower the Open-Metaverse vision

In alignment with the universal motion, KardiaChain’s ecosystem is growing stronger than ever. In the wake of such growth, our team is thrilled to announce the birth of KAI Treasury - a DAO to empower the community for future prosperity. The first target of the Treasury is 1,000,000,000 KAI tokens in-vault. In the meantime, the KAI Treasury will be locked until reaching this target.

KAI Treasury implementation also reflects our core values of being open and transparent. Community members are welcome to visit to stay up-to-date with the progress of our Treasury.

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As many of you have asked how to support our KAIverse mission, we now introduce the "Contribute" option so you can be a part of our movement.

All of the contributions are appreciated and will be important to help us empower the KAI community for future prosperity.

Let us go into the metaverse together!


Introducing the KAIStarter Pool Party, where everyone can have fun with the investment opportunities.

 There are three pools with a different allocation for each.

 Pool allocation varies from time to time and can be decided by voting.

 Proposed pools for incoming IDO events:

  • a. "Public Pool": First Come First Serve (FCFS) for Gleam participants
  • b. "In-door Pool": FCFS for KAIMOND members
  • c. "Jacuzzi": guaranteed slots via committing a large amount of DKAI

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KardiaChain Ecosystem is now available in our own category on CoinGecko for everyone to track.

The system will gradually update with all new tokens and be completed soon.

Have a look at the KardiaChain Ecosystem at:

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All Kardians can now track and view the progress of the KAIDEX trading volume of our ecosystem with real-time updates on the 2 following sites, Nomics - the most up-to-date platform backed by Coinbase with professional-grade market data APIs; and Coindataflow - a global financial portal with the most detailed and objective information in the crypto landscape.

KAIDEX trading volume on Nomics:

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KAIDEX trading volume on Coindataflow:

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Bibox officially endorses KardiaChain ecosystem!

We are excited to announce that the leading artificial intelligence exchange platform, Bibox has completed their integration with KardiaChain and intend to adopt all KRC20 ecosystem!

Now that the KRC20 network is fully integrated and endorsed by Bibox, all KRC20 projects and alliance members are welcome to earn exposure and opportunities to list, trade, and host activities.

An upcoming AMA with Bibox on 26 November 2021 will provide the KAI community with more details about this integration.

This is only the beginning of our ecosystem CEX expansion. KardiaChain aims to bring chances for all projects built on our infrastructure, thus gaining attractions and enlarging our network with more transactions, holders and users base.

KAIDEX is now available on CoinMarketCap!

With KardiaChain’s exposure expanding more than ever, our products also have their spotlights. It is thrilling to see that our unique KAIDEX is now available for everyone to track on CoinMarketCap!

All activities of the tokens listed on KAIDEX are updated in real-time so users can make the best decision in trading. 

More projects will soon be live for the best overview of KAIDEX.

Check here:

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3/ Community

KardiaChain introduces The First Sea in the Iron Sail: Mytheria - Clash of the Pantheons

The IDO of Mytheria is just around the corner! Do not miss this chance to own the power of the Gods with MYRA on KAIStarter tomorrow!

And in case you need a little refresh about Mytheria, Vinh Duong from our Marketing team got you covered.

Watch the Mytheria presentation at:

KAI x OdinDAO AMA Recap: The “ENS” coming to the KAI ecosystem under “KNS domain”

On November 11, 2021. We’ve conducted an AMA in Official KardiaChain English Community, The AMA was held with Hoog, the Founder of OdinDAO

The AMA session took place over the KardiaChain community on Telegram where Mr. Hoog discussed several amazing facts about OdinDAO “ENS” coming to the KAI ecosystem under “KNS domain”. This AMA was held to get insights on how KardiaChain Name Service (KNS), provided by OdinDAO, will allow users to send funds to and from usernames (instead of long wallet addresses)

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On November 22 2021, we hosted an AMA session with Heroes TD - a Free to Play or Play to Earn 3D GameFi built with Heroes Metaverse. You can play with each other and trade items on the NFT market! Join Heroes TD today and get your life-time investment!

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In the build-up to the 9DNFT’s IDO on our trusty KAIStarter, we hosted an AMA session on November 9 2021 in the KardiaChain Telegram Official Group for all 9DNFT’s enthusiasts to have more insights about the first martial arts 3D metaverse game in Southeast Asia. The guest speakers are Mr. Henry Pham - Project Manager/ Game Design at GITHOT Studio and Mr. Ryan Tran - Director of GOSU Corp.

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KardiaChain is excited to announce that our advisor, Mr. Dung Nguyen, has been elected as the new Chairman of VECOM - Vietnam eCommerce Association in the 2021-2025 term.

Being one of the most vocal and avid supporters of blockchain technology, the new leadership position will allow Mr. Dung Nguyen to further push the transformation of businesses in the digital age.  Also, his pro-technology agenda will establish KardiaChain as the core of blockchain mass adoption in Vietnam.

Our warmest congratulations to Mr. Dung Nguyen, and we are looking forward to the best results in the journey to come.

The KardiaChain Team prioritizes environmental and societal benefits to maintain the sustainability of our civilization. The health of our beloved planet is in our hands.

We announce with pride that KardiaChain is trusted to be among 100 partners in the Binance Charity’s multi-dollar mission Tree Millions Alliance project to plant 10 million trees around the world to restore nature and mitigate the effect of climate change.

CEO Huy Nguyen’s Interview with

Our CEO is proudly featured in an interview with - a trustable site with the most detailed analysis and news on DeFi, Fintech, digital assets, and digital securities.

The interview focuses on the genesis, technical achievements, and future direction of KardiaChain with the recent booming of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DeFi trends as a whole. With our nonstop developments, we aim to be the best hybrid solution to open more doors for collaborations and mass adoption in this digital age. 

Check out the full interview here:

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Here comes KAI Tutorial 101!

Welcome to the KAI Tutorial playlist on our Youtube channel. In case you sometimes find it hard to use our products or want to instruct a friend, we got your back with our tutorial playlist. 

We hope these videos will help you to have the best tutorial and use KardiaChain’s products to earn the best values and benefits in our journey together.

We will update more tutorial videos constantly. If you have any proposals for tutorials, please let us know to create more videos for the community.

Check out the KAI Tutorial 101 playlist at:


AMA : How to build the Web 3.0 Metaverse with Mr. Tri Pham, Darwinia Network and Decentraland

Source: Darwinia Network


With Metaverse becoming the hottest keyword among the blockchain landscape, KardiaChain is one of the first pioneers aiming to create a true metaverse.  


Join in with our Co-Founder, CEO of My DeFi Pet and our gaming entity Whydah, Mr. Tri Pham to find out more about the Web3.0 Metaverse in an AMA session with other experts from Darwinia Network, Decentraland, Anons NFT and Torum.


Watch the AMA session here:


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