September was a festive month in Vietnam. KardiaChain and many projects had celebrated September with some of the most successful private sales with our new KAIMOND program and IDOs on the ever-trusty KAIStarter like Thetan Arena and MoonKa. Along with our products accomplishment, KardiaChain also welcomed some of the most crucial partnerships. The arrival of many quality partners in different fields like gaming, launchpad, and traditional finance will further strengthen our mission to bring blockchain adoption.
Let's have a look back at September, and wave goodbye to a busy Q3. Let's get ready for the new changes in the last quarter of this year, starting in October.


KardiaChain and DeHR unites to revolutionise HR processes with blockchain adoption

KardiaChain has always aimed to be the best solution and infrastructure for all the conventional industries to realise the benefits that blockchain can bring to the table. Realising how fundamental blockchain transparent nature is to the recruitment aspect, KardiaChain and DeHR form a strategic partnership to expand the KAI ecosystem and open up a new horizon in the HR process with blockchain adoption.

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Asva Finance integrates KardiaChain in their platform together with Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot and Polygon!

With recent successes in the blockchain landscape, KardiaChain is gaining traction and momentum for further reach. As of now, we have been approached by multiple potential projects to be integrated and achieve mutual growth. Hence, we decide to stand by the side with multiple reputable chains and have Asva Finance integrate our technologies.

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LaunchZone brings its renowned launchpad platform to KardiaChain network!

In recent times, KardiaChain infrastructure is becoming an attractive destination for many quality projects due to its low fee, instant finality, and especially the cross-chain capability with our recent go-live of the Dual Bridge. With those advantages, the renowned LaunchZone is now in a partnership with us to bring their flagship launchpad platform to our KardiaChain network and support upcoming KRC20 projects on KardiaChain.

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All traditional investors’ eyes on KAI as Decom Holdings *named* KardiaChain as blockchain platform for adoption

We are honored to celebrate the latest strategic partnership with Decom Holdings, the most significant venture in Vietnam that bridges traditional finance and the crypto world. Decom Holdings positions itself as a gateway for institutional players to get exposure in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Today, KardiaChain is officially named by Decom Holdings as the blockchain platform for adoption. From CBDC to conventional business model transformation, we are ready to boost our capabilities and fulfill the mission of mass adoption.

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High-caliber game studio supercharging KardiaChain's GameFi expansion

Gaming continues to show its impact on our blockchain mass adoption journey. Today KardiaChain welcomes another valuable companion, IMBA Games. Founded in 2012, IMBA is one of the most experienced game developers in Vietnam. The strategic partnership will help us to further complete our GameFi hub and leverage the Play-to-Earn experience.

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Product and Ecosystem

Eco Spotlight Series #1: BecoSwap

Over the past few months, KardiaChain has witnessed the biggest expansion in our KAI ecosystem, with the existence of some of the most promising KRC20 projects and ideas on our network. Amongst them, one of the biggest stars that are creating a craze within our community and attracting a lot of attention from others is BecoSwap - the Runner Up of our KardiaChain Pioneer Program. 

In this new series of Eco Spotlight, the first issue will be dedicated to giving all of our KAI and BECO users a look back at the journey to the top of DeFi Platform BecoSwap.

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Eco Spotlight series #2: MoonKa

Our journey of blockchain mass adoption requires diversity in real-life applications. And our close partner MoonKa is one of the most promising projects in our KAI ecosystem with the solution of land and property tokenization. With digital real estate investment being a rarity in Vietnam at this moment, MoonKa has really moved the needle with their successes and captured the attention of a lot of investors, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

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Successful Thetan Arena IDO

All eyes were on the IDO of Thetan Arena on 16 September on multiple platforms, including our trusty pal KAIStarter. The IDO was a huge success and captured the attention of a lot of investors,

Right after the IDO, THG/KAI trading pair was listed on KAIDEX and as of the release of this article, THG hax x46 on KAIDEX.

Successful MoonKa IDO

The Mid-Autumn Festival in the East and Southeast Asian countries is the occasion where we celebrate the meanings of the moon. And this year, we have "another" moon to celebrate in the past week, MoonKa.

Our trusty platform, KAIStarter, once again hosted a successful IDO launch for the MKA tokens. In just 14 minutes, all 1,000,000 MKA tokens were completely sold out with 1,029 buyers.

And right after the IDO, the trading pair MKA/KAI was listed on KAIDEX and reached a trading volume of over $500,000 in just 12 hours.



Creative Minds with KRC20 - A month of KRC20!

We are hosting a whole new program for all users, especially those in the KRC20 network. We believe that all users are not just well-versed in the crypto landscape but also have creative minds to fill the world with more join and arts.

The “Creative minds with KRC20” contest is backed by the KardiaChain Team, and all partnered projects with total rewards worth 111,000 KAI and 300 IDO tickets in commence. 

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KardiaChain x WolfFun AMA Recap: Thetan Arena insights

On September 15, We’ve conducted an AMA in Official KardiaChain English Community, The AMA was held with (The FIRST MOBA Blockchain Game with our 2 special speakers) Mr. Johnny Tri Dung - CMO of Thetan Arena, CBO of KardiaChain, and Mr. Danny Doan COO of Thetan Arena, CEO of K300 Ventures.

The AMA session took place over the KardiaChain community on Telegram where Mr. Johnny & Mr. Danny discussed several amazing facts about Thetan Arena’s future plans!

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KardiaChain welcomes Vietnamese Elite Financial Architect as Chief Executive Advisor 

KardiaChain welcomes Vietnamese Elite Financial Architect as Chief Executive Advisor 

Mr. Trung Phan, formerly FPT CFO, Techcombank Treasurer and TPBank Vice Chairman, to restructure KardiaChain in preparation for a national blockchain.

Following our latest partnership with Decom Holdings, KardiaChain is honored to welcome Mr. Trung Phan, Chairman and CEO of Decom Holdings, to assume leadership of our advisory board. Mr. Trung aims to introduce standards from traditional finance such as risk management and financial control, into the blockchain industry. With 20 years of experience in banking, finance, and corporate restructuring, he will help leverage the mainstream system and model to re-architect KardiaChain’s entities to the next level.

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KAI Community AMA Recap: A Quick glance of Q3 and our vision for the rest of 2021

On September 30, We’ve conducted an AMA in Official KardiaChain English Community, The AMA was held with Huy Nguyen – CTO of KardiaChain, and Lew Tran – KardiaChains’ Head of Engineering.

The AMA session took place over the KardiaChain community on Telegram where Huy Nguyen and Lew Tran Discussed the Q3 update of KardiaChain and vision for Q4 also covered lots of interesting topics and the Future plans of  KardiaChain.

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KardiaChain also sparks with multiple recognitions from many social media channels:

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