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BSC - KAI Dual Bridge is officially LIVE!

The go-live of ETH - KAI Dual Bridge was a massive success, and we are still on the road to deliver on our promise to all users. And from today, another milestone is achieved. The long-awaited BSC - KAI Dual Bridge is...
  • publish-date 25/08/2021
  • read-time 1 min reading

Welcome the new renovated KardiaChain Ambassador Team

As the KAI ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding, our community is also growing bigger and stronger than ever. Along with growth, the representation of KardiaChain in a broader range to help strengthen and...
  • publish-date 24/08/2021
  • read-time 2 min reading

KAIRDROP #8: 1,250,000 GDT for all KAI Stakers to claim!

Dear Kardians, To celebrate the partnership between GetDone and KardiaChain, and to show appreciation for the tireless effort of our loyal KAI Stakers, we are here with a very special reward program. 1.25 million GDT...
  • publish-date 24/08/2021
  • read-time 0 min reading

ETH- KAI Dual Bridge is officially LIVE!

The moment of the first true cross-chain trading experience is here! No more countdown, no more waiting. From now on, the ETH-KAI Dual Bridge is officially live on our network and KAIDEX for everyone. KardiaChain Team...
  • publish-date 18/08/2021
  • read-time 2 min reading

Productionised ETH-KAI Dual Bridge is going LIVE!

After completing the recent Dual Node Testnet trial of the chain-swapping between Ethereum and KardiaChain, the cross-chain bridge between ETH - KAI is now in production and open for the general public. It’s time to...
  • publish-date 11/08/2021
  • read-time 1 min reading

July 2021 Monthly Recap

Dear Kardians, Half of 2021 has passed by with many successes and challenges for our team to overcome. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 has ruptured our based city Ho Chi Minh City, KardiaChain still strives to seize...
  • publish-date 03/08/2021
  • read-time 11 min reading

Here comes the KAIDEX Trading Competition!

In only six weeks after launch, KAIDEX has achieved incredible achievements. At the time of this article release, KAIDEX’s TVL has reached over $22 million and a weekly trading value of over $3 million. This is proof of...
  • publish-date 26/07/2021
  • read-time 1 min reading

New updates on KardiaChain’s product timeline.

Dear KAI Believers, The latest release of the Limit Order function marks the feature completion of our game-changing KAIDEX. Our next target is to bring the cross-chain interaction between ETH-KAI and BSC-KAI on our...
  • publish-date 22/07/2021
  • read-time 1 min reading

KAIDEX Limit Order - A Full CEX Experience

Our one-and-only KAIDEX has evolved to the next level. From this moment onward, the Limit Order function is now live for all users to have an all-new trading experience.     This is truly a breakthrough moment for...
  • publish-date 21/07/2021
  • read-time 1 min reading

AMA Recap of Kardiachain x Tokoin on Tokoin Global Group

On 16 July 2021, our Head of Marketing and Partnership, Astrid Dang has joined in an AMA on Tokoin Global Group to provide a follow-up update of our collaboration in increasing KardiaChain's exposure in the Southeast...
  • publish-date 21/07/2021
  • read-time 18 min reading


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