On Thursday, 6 May 2021, KardiaChain’s CTO and Co-Founder Huy Nguyen was a panelist at “The Future of Interchain Applications” event hosted by Cosmos and KryptoSeoul in the Propzy venue in Ho Chi Minh City.

Overcoming the pandemic difficulties, the event had the attendance of 100 personnel from different reputable technology firms, ventures, and institutions, such as HCMC University of Technology, RMIT University Vietnam, Tribe Accelerator, Golden Gate Ventures, CoderSchool, KardiaChain Foundation, Kambria, Kyber Network, TomoChain, CoinGecko, Blockchain Hanoi, Crypto Community Vietnam. Over 9000 people had interacted with the event from various means, showing the increasing interest in blockchain technology in the modern population in Vietnam.

In the “The future of Interchain applications” panel session, Huy Nguyen was one of the panelists along with the Co-Founder of KryptoSeoul Erica Kang and Kyber Network ‘s Head of Research Kim Trong Nguyen. In this panel discussion, Huy Nguyen brought up KardiaChain’s viewpoint about the interchain trend in the blockchain landscape and KardiaChain’s mission in making blockchain mass adoption a reality.

According to Huy, blockchain technology is slowly taking over the world, just like iOS and Android have in the mobile operating system sector. For the longest time, the impression of blockchain is only about cryptocurrency, which is blockchain 1.0. Over time, Blockchain 2.0 existed with the implementation of smart contracts, NFTs and demands for interchain interactions are coming, making interoperability is expected to be Blockchain 3.0.

CTO & Co-Founder Huy Nguyen as a panelist in “The Future of Interchain Applications”

Furthermore, KardiaChain’s priority is to provide blockchain solutions for the government and traditional businesses in Vietnam, as Vietnam has great potential and opened regulations for blockchain mass adoption. Blockchain’s use case for those businesses is to digitise their data for the upcoming digital transformation, and KardiaChain’s solutions will help those businesses own platforms with sufficient data from “Day One” to have a head-on preparation of the constant change in the market to gain the best benefits possible, either on a public or private chain.

The event is the lead-up to Cosmos HackAtom in June 2021. Vietnam is chosen for the competition. The country is recognised for the vast number of graduated IT developers with exceptional skills and home to some of the most prestigious blockchain projects and IT services, such as KardiaChain, Kyber Tomo CoderSchool, Golden Gate Ventures, RMIT, Kambria. The competition has judges from TenderMint, Terra, Dokia Capital, and Interchain Foundation.

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