KardiaChain continues to be Vietnam’s most trusted blockchain from institutional and new investors alike. Today, we are incredibly proud to announce our strategic partnership between KardiaChain and ZorbaX, a project started by the Vietnamese critically-acclaimed A-list actor Chi Bảo to bring unprecedented added value to contemporary NFT.

With the buzz that the NFT investment community has generated, it is no doubt that investors are more concerned about the perceived value of the NFT in real-life use cases. With the end goal of giving NFT owners the special real-life perks and value with NFT, KardiaChain and Zorba X join hands to elevate the value-added upon NFT investments with our recent strategic partnership, which comes to the result of Vietnam’s first NFT exclusive membership program.


ZorbaX will release a total of 2500 exclusive ZorbaX NFT artworks digitally designed by renowned artists for everyone to own permanently. The first 50 NFT artworks will be categorized based on the emotional spectrum towards a merry life. The ZorbaX membership will grant the owner unfettered access to prosperous investment opportunities and amenities that ZorbaX club has to offer, including, but not limited to, lounge membership, yacht sailing club, wine tasting occasion, etc. The membership privileges in leisure traveling will be first applied to the first-class experience with the 5-star resort Chang Paradise Resort in the Con Dao region.

Each ZorbaX member will also be able to anonymously practice their voting rights within the club alongside proportional influence and decision-making power to drive the club's future. The membership details are permanently encrypted on the blockchain, so every decision stays true and unequivocal.

CEO Huy Nguyen and actor Zorba Chi Bao

With ZorbaX NFT exclusive membership, KardiaChain hopes to bring a whole new playground to connect those enthusiastic about collecting NFTs. From then on, they can enjoy and exchange both physical and monetary benefits for a unique luxury lifestyle experience that fits the value created by NFTs.

About ZorbaX:

ZorbaX is named after the ever-famous character Alexis Zorba in the book “Zorba the Greek'' written by Nikos Kazantzakis. A title that deserves a luxurious lifestyle, ZorbaX aims to be the pioneer in NFT exclusive membership in Vietnam, thereby establishing an entitlement through NFTs and asserting exclusive digital privilege to real-life experience.Chang Paradise is a 120-hectare 5-star hotel resort owned by ZorbaX. The resort is located at the stunning bay area known as Ong Dung Beach, and a refreshing rainforest belongs to the National Park in Con Dao. Aiming to be an ecotourism and retreat destination, Chang Paradise resort is elegantly designed to provide a harmony of luxurious experience and nature immersion.

Website: http://zorbax.club/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zorbax.club

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