The adoption of blockchain in game development is increasingly popular as players find the unique relationship with games via true ownership and value investment. KardiaChain is expanding through the partnership with Topebox to lead the DeFi Gamification Movement to tap into the prosperous mobile gaming industry and the booming NFT trend.

Blockchain-based games are not a new concept. The history of blockchain gaming started with CryptoKitties, in which users can collect, breed and trade virtual cats whose value can reach millions of dollars. The game contributed to Ethereum reaching all-time high via in-game transactions. On Vietnam local scale, Axie Infinity is a disruptive title with traditional video games where players can play to earn. KardiaChain is no stranger to blockchain game products with the battle royale title KAI Zodiac NFT Hunger Game, which is the first step in improving our blockchain game development experience.

Realising the promising potential of blockchain games, Topebox will utilise KardiaChain blockchain to bring lasting value through NFT in gaming, helping players to have the greatest experiences and benefits. The collaboration between KardiaChain and Topebox in the gaming world does not stay with just developing multiple titles in the future, a truly “made in Vietnam” E-sport streaming platform is in incubation to explore the E-sport industry.

About Topebox

Topebox is a top Vietnamese mobile game developer founded by veterans with experience from top mobile game companies to capture gaming enthusiasts’ appeal. Topebox is a user-centric developer with the ambition to be a pioneer in this industry to give gamers the best experience.
They have published smash-hit titles such as Sky Dancer with over 20 million downloads features both in Google Editor’s Choice in 2019 and “game of the day” on Apple App Store,Face Dance — the #1 viral game of 2017 with over 10 million downloads, Pocket Army — a strategy game with an overall 4-star rating on Apple App Store, King Rivals — a tower-defence game with over 100,000 downloads and a 4.4-star rating, etc.
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