At the very beginning of KardiaChain, we have set our vision on an interconnected and borderless world. Today, after years of developments, it seems that everyone has reached the consensus of naming such a world, the Metaverse. We believe that blockchain is an important driver to keep the new world open and sustainable. 

In alignment with the universal motion, KardiaChain’s ecosystem is growing stronger than ever. In the wake of such growth, our team is thrilled to announce the birth of KAI Treasury - a DAO to empower the community for future prosperity. The first target of the Treasury is 1,000,000,000 KAI tokens in-vault. In the meantime, the KAI Treasury will be locked until reaching this target.

Below are the details of our policy:

The Treasury’s Governance policy

Our community is a part of the decision-making process. Through delegation to the validators, the community members will have the vote right on our next action with the amount of KAI in the treasury, which consists of:

  • Burning KAI.
  • Proposing stimulus programs to empower the KAI ecosystem.
  • Redistributing to KAI infrastructure staking.

The income sources for the Treasury

  • Revenue sharing from our blockchain business:
    • Blockchain-as-a-service for traditional businesses.
    • KAIDEX fees. 
    • KardiaChain network transaction fees and proposal change.
  • Token buyback from:
    • Kardiachain’s incubated projects like DPET, THG, MYRA, KEEY, and upcoming Iron Sail projects.
    • Every new partnership contract with a traditional business. 
  • Contribution from KardiaChain’s team and advisor token pool.

KAI Treasury implementation also reflects our core values of being open and transparent. Community members are welcome to visit to stay up-to-date with the progress of our Treasury.

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