In KardiaChain, apart from being investors and dreamers, we are also passionate gamers. Our “first-born son”, My DeFi Pet was, and still is a massive success with multiple milestones conquered just in 4 months of existence. Catching up with our momentum, our team presents a whole new Play-To-Earn experience with the hottest game genre that will test your skill to the limit, Thetan Arena.


Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based MOBA and Battle Royale game with many interesting and unique gameplay designs and in-game economics direction. This game is developed by the famous Vietnamese developer Wolffun. Wolffun is the #1 multiplayer videogame developer in Vietnam. They have created two established games on GooglePlay as Editors’ choice, Tank Raid Online and Heroes’ Strike, with over 10 million downloads. KardiaChain and Wolffun share a vision of a captivating MOBA/Battle Royale game that eliminates most of the commonly seen barriers to create a true “socialising gaming experience” and profitable Play-To-Earn model.

The MOBA (or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre is already an e-sport giant, while Battle Royale games are the latest phenomenon in the mainstream gaming industry in the last several years. However, they can be a tad bit complicated for new gamers. Furthermore, the in-game tokenomics and GameFi features are the main juice of blockchain-based games to suit both gamers and investors.

Hence, Thetan Arena is the perfect entry for anyone to have a taste of a whole new gaming genre.  Thetan Arena’s design is with a top-down view of the overall map; the characters and environment are modern and simplistic yet retro and nostalgic, which will enhance players’ vision and space for action. The core mechanics focus on both player’s personal skills and teamwork to complete a round and earn the best rewards possible.  

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On the NFT aspect of the game, Thetan Arena’s in-game economy revolves around Thetan Coin to summon Premium Heroes for playing or withdraw to fiat currencies; and The Gem to evolve Premium Heroes to Thetan Heroes or stake for your benefit. Players can also participate in the NFT marketplace to trade Premium Heroes or stake The Heroes in the Thetan Vault to receive shared- revenue generated from ecosystem fees.

Here are some of the soon-to-be available in-game and out-game features to support the NFs system are:

  • Realtime Multiplayer gameplay
  • Play to earn model
  • Thetan Hero
  • Special Events
  • E-Sport Tournament
  • Virtual Interactive Activities

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Mr. Tri Pham and CBO, Mr. Johnny Dung will be amongst the core team members and the advisors of Thetan Arena. As experts in the blockchain landscape, our leader will assist to guide the developers with strategic developments, blockchain game adoption and expand the blockchain gamers community to a whole new level.

The incubation of Thetan Arena is a loud and clear statement of KardiaChain’s commitment to growing our ecosystem, in which eSport and Gaming as one of the forefront fields to show everyone the power and benefits of blockchain in daily life. With your support, KardiaChain is stepping up the state of play with mass adoption through blockchain gaming with many benefits for our KAI Believers.

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