A new beginning is now

KardiaChain is going through exciting new changes to achieve our long-term vision of mass adoption. During the past two years, we have been working around the clock to establish KardiaChain as the top-of-mind blockchain solution in Vietnam. Local players of different sizes are coming to KardiaChain for both technological advancement and business model enhancement. Our public chain saw an exponential growth in traffic from 0 to 1 million transactions in six months and then added another 15 million in just another three months. Our ecosystem started with an explorer, a membership app for KAI holders, and a DEX.

Now we are looking at 50 partners building some 80 products and services on KardiaChain. The ecosystem spectrum ranges from DeFi to GameFi to tokenised real estate, serving an accumulation of a million users. However, we know we must push further.

Following the restructuring proposal from our Chief Executive Advisor, we are thrilled to introduce the new entity in charge of ecosystem expansion.

Introducing Whydah JSC.

Taking the name of a famous galley in the Age of Discovery, we founded Whydah with the same adventurous spirit. Whydah will be at the forefront of consumer-facing applications, incorporating bleeding edge innovations on top of KardiaChain infrastructure. Whydah achieves mass adoption through co-ownership, revenue sharing partnership and joint venture with top-notch players in emerging industries such as GameFi and Metaverse.

The first move of Whydah is a series of sealed deals with leading game studios in Vietnam, namely IMBA, Hiker games, Divmob, and more soon to be revealed. Securing a strong product pipeline in the next twelve months allows Whydah to expand the community and ecosystem around KardiaChain consistently. Furthermore, such close collaborations provide a robust foundation for building an open metaverse that will bring communities and creators together, leading to interconnected games and future products.

Leadership at Whydah

Tri Pham, the co-founder of KardiaChain and founder of Whydah will be the CEO. He will take the helm of Whydah and steer it towards the next blockchain expansion. He comments on the current focus on GameFi: "I'm thrilled to take on this new exciting journey of GameFi and metaverse. While I believe blockchain is a pillar of the future society, I also have faith in an invisible blockchain solution, like electricity running in the wall. Game has proven itself as an extraordinary medium for people to adopt blockchain without knowing the technology behind it. Follow the "GameFi compass" and we shall discover great treasures of the New World."

Leadership at KardiaChain

Huy Nguyen, CTO and Co-founder of KardiaChain, will assume the CEO role at KardiaChain. He will bring his laser focus on establishing KardiaChain's technological superiority. Huy shares his thoughts on this restructuring implementation: “It is my honor to assume the leadership role at KardiaChain. Since the inception of KardiaChain, we have always believed that a first-class blockchain infrastructure will become our core competitive advantage and a solid base for all adoptions to build on. There is a clear need for blockchain as a foundation layer, from CBDC to business consortium and private chain. I'm confident that the new structure will help us stay relevant and competitive in years to come.”

The next chapter of expansion in KardiaChain, with the company of Whydah, officially starts today. Kardians, now for those who’re ready to set sail, it's time to make waves on the open sea. 

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