Dear Kardians and Pet Masters,
Week 28 (4 July - 11 July) has been a roller coaster for our team. With much support from you, we are still standing strong to continue with the game development to meet the timeline of upcoming releases. We would also like to share with all of you the full transparency of what happened last week. 

The Goods

My DeFi Pet has gained multiple prominent achievements in the past week that we cannot celebrate quickly enough. Two main achievements are as following:

  • My DeFi Pet is ranked in 2nd place in the Top 10 Asia Trending Coins in CoinGecko. Our project was standing side by side with many giants, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, KuCoin Token, Axie Infinity and many more. It was such an honor to be on the same trending page with the blockchain giants.
  • My DeFi Pet gets shortlisted to the Top 20 Binance Most Valuable Builder program (MVBII). If My DeFi Pet is listed in the Top 10, the project would potentially receive direct investment from Binance or get listed on Binance Innovation Zone. 
  • My DeFi Pet has gained deserving recognition from many credible sources on social media. 


The Bads

Success comes with challenges. The unfortunate attack and exploitation of the Chainswap smart contract on 10-July had disturbed the market and caused negative effects for My DeFi Pet. Our team had solved the issue in a timely manner by halting all bridges to other networks to avoid any exploits. All funds of the users are safe! 

Detailed Summary of the Chainswap Attack:

  • Chainswap smart contract was hacked at approximately 7 PM on 10 July 2021 (GMT+7).
    My DeFi Pet is a victim of the Chainswap hack. (Source:
  • Hackers minted 950,000 DPET tokens in Ethereum network using the exploit address from Chainswap.
    Hacker address: 
  • Hackers swap minted DPET tokens from ERC-20 to BEP-20 and sell off in multiple exchanges like Pancakeswap, MEXC, Uniswap, etc. from 5 A.M to 8 A.M on 11 July 2021. However, 99% of the liquidity pool is from My DeFi Pet team.
    Chainswap wallet information on DPET:
  • My DeFi Pet team received notification from the Chainswap team regarding the hack and immediately suspended all transactions with the DPET smart contract.
  • My DeFi Pet team currently removes tokens in the Ethereum network. All holders of ERC-20 DPET will be compensated with DPET token in BSC (BEP20) or KardiaChain (KRC20) network. Fill out the form to claim your token. 

Notes: Receiving KRC20 DPET tokens will gain an additional 10% value in the form of KAI tokens.

The Aftermaths

Big thanks for strong support from our communities that stood with us during this hardship! We have received many help offers from our partners and many Pet Masters, which results in the incredible aforementioned bounce. The token price unexpectedly bounced back strongly right after the attack.


  In fact, by the time this article released, DPET has reached new ATH at 10;09 14 July 2021, X150 from the bottom and X80 from private sales with over 100,000 HODLERS.


We truly appreciate all the help and support from our partners and community during this time!

From KardiaChain and My DeFi Pet Team.

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