Stemming from 2020 to now, we lived 420 days on the moon with several huge successes that contributed to the growth of our ecosystem.

And now, we will continue to ride that rocket as we Shoot for the Stars and as we prepare for mass adoption of our network through our upcoming GameFi Metaverse.

With the completion of Galaxias Mainnet 2.0 as our base, we are thrilled to share the Roadmap of our development and business goals in 2022. 

Throughout 2021, KardiaChain worked tirelessly to launch and stabilize our products while expanding a diverse ecosystem as the foundation of our network in the mission of mass adoption. 2022 will be the year of user base growth and scalability. 

The KardiaChain Team will be focusing on platform development and ecosystem growth, while our gaming and metaverse entity Whydah will be in charge of pushing the growth of our user base.

Last but not least, alongside the mass adoption of traditional businesses, we will continue paving the way for the creation of a true Open Metaververse experience. 

And to create a good entry point for the Metaverse, we will also move on with the GameFi trajectory we set out in 2021 with the Iron Sail Seven Treasures to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s see what the future holds in KardiaChain’s 2022 Road map. 

Q1: Building the Foundation for the Metaverse - Web 3.0 Integration 

Integrate Web 3 to all KAI ecosystem products

With Galaxias Mainnet 2.0 enhanced compatibility, KardiaChain will continue to support the integration amongst popular Web 3.0 Wallets including Metamask, WalletConnect, TrustWallet….to our network’s core products, including:

  • Wallet (mobile and desktop extension)
  • Explorer
  • KAIStarter

Beginning Work on the Cross-chain NFT Marketplace

With the wave of new GameFi projects coming along with our Iron Sail’s Seven Sea Treasures, we’re working on a mutual cross-chain NFT marketplace that will support multichain trading and integration of NFTs across all protocols built on the KRC20 chain.

The cross-chain NFT marketplace supports the P2E Gaming movement and helps creators across all networks to have their meaningful works showcased across wider audiences. (Read more below under Q2)

Third Dual Node network: To be determined

Scale up of total number of network validator nodes to 30, reduce the minimum stake to 5 million KAI

Q2: Interoperability through Our Crosschain NFT Bridge 

Crosschain NFT Bridge

KardiaChain’s vision is to create unity between all blockchains through interoperability.

However, one of the biggest obstacles is that most NFTs are restricted to one specific chain where they’re minted.

We will remove this obstacle through our cross-chain NFT bridge support, allowing NFTs to move across chains and networks quickly and seamlessly (with almost zero gas fees of course!

This NFT bridge will help all GameFi projects to easily migrate to the KardiaChain network, bringing all the NFT assets with them. The bridge will also serve as the foundation for all of the NFT marketplaces associated with KardiaChain to have multichain support.

Native protocol to support off-chain oracle

KardiaChain will build a native protocol that supports and connects off-chain oracle services for more reliable inbound real-time information. 

The protocol aims to enhance decision-making power and faster off-chain transactions, giving users a truly automated and convenient DeFi experience with KAI network. 

Furthermore, the expansion will decrease dependency on existing oracles that support specific chains. 

Judge-to-earn procedure

The established KAI Native Protocol is the cornerstone to democratize the GameFi sphere. 

The community will be able to “judge” and shape the direction that the project will potentially take, collectively responsible for its growth and maturity. 

And of course, you will be rewarded for this! 

By contributing to the growth of our platform, you will “earn” opulent compensation for your participation, completing the Judge-to-earn concept.

 Additional Updates | Optimizing Our KAIDEX 

  • Limited direct cross-chain token swap (ETH, BNB, WBTC, USDT)
  • Building the KAIDEX DAO

With the KAIDEX Governance, users will have the ability to:

  • Use $KAI to vote for the next listing tokens.
  • Liquidity trackers
    With this DAO Governance on KAIDEX, we’ll quickly grow by adding new tokens to our exchange, continuing to bring a positive DeFi experience for our users.

Q3: Plugging in the Metaverse

Behind the scenes, KardiaChain has been prepping for the metaverse.  And after our Q1 and Q2 foundations are complete, our P2E Metaverse will be ready for mass adoption as we prepare to deploy it.

The full metaverse experience will start with 2 meta-activities with KardiaChain:

Sporting Activities in the Metaverse 

(Details to be announced soon)

Digital Fashion in the Metaverse

The Metaverse experience would not be complete without the options of customization, to how you live, what you do, and maybe most importantly, what you wear

This is why KardiaChain will be bringing Digital Fashion to the Metaverse, adding enhanced values as clothes are transformed into NFTs for your Meta-avatar. 

Imagine, your clothes being exclusively yours with no one else being able to cop your style!

With all this digital fashion and customization, we’re seeing this new trend begin to dominate in the metaverse.

Fourth Dual Node network: To be determined

Q4 - Perfecting the Metaverse

Fifth Dual Node network: To be determined

Hard Fork 2.0

Following our tradition established in 2021, KardiaChain will continue to upgrade the network and launch the Mainnet 3.0 on the Dec 29 anniversary of our Mainnet 2.0 Launch.

Stay tuned for what updates our Mainnet 3.0 Hard Fork Launch

KSML 2.0

As part of the Hard Fork 2.0, the KSML will have its own upgraded version. 

Built to cross boundaries and break barriers, KSML’s purpose is to bridge the gap between one blockchain to another without having to meet neither a significant learning curve nor prior experience to do so. 

KSML is able to deploy cross-chain smart contracts by facilitating a “mutual understanding” of instruction in smart contracts between KardiaChain and external chains. KSML 2.0 will possess a higher reach and enhance connectivity, allowing easier bridges to more protocols such as Solana, Polkadot, Cosmos and so much more.

All are set! Welcome aboard the KardiaChain Galaxias train to the cosmos. The Metaverse is just right around the corner, and we will get you there.

The year of the Tiger is here, and our roar will echo beyond the stars!

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