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On November 22 2021, we hosted an AMA session with Heroes TD - a Free to Play or Play to Earn 3D GameFi built with Heroes Metaverse. You can play with each other and trade items on the NFT market! Join Heroes TD today...
  • publish-date 26/11/2021
  • read-time 7 min reading

KAI Ecosystem Weekly Spotlight (11/11 - 18/11)

Hello Kardians! It seems like our ecosystem is thrusting full-throttle, with no brakes through November! You are in for a doozy this week with so much good news and announcement surrounding our ever-growing ecosystem....
  • publish-date 18/11/2021
  • read-time 2 min reading

Weekly trends (7/11 - 14/11)

Mastercard launches crypto-linked cards across Asia-Pacific Mastercard announced on Tuesday that it will launch crypto-linked payment cards across the Asia-Pacific region. The crypto-linked payment cards will be...
  • publish-date 15/11/2021
  • read-time 3 min reading

KAI Ecosystem Weekly Spotlight (4/11 - 11/11)

As we are officially in the midst of November, let’s all have a good recap of the exciting events surrounding our ecosystem. First of all, My Defi Pet's recent update officially went live with many new features with an...
  • publish-date 14/11/2021
  • read-time 3 min reading

Weekly trends (31/10 - 7/11)

Several layer-1 blockchains see price surge, the beginning of altcoin season Since Bitcoin retreated from its ATH last week, several altcoins are taking off. This week, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency,...
  • publish-date 08/11/2021
  • read-time 3 min reading

KAI Ecosystem Weekly Spotlight (27/10 - 3/11)

Hello Kardians! Welcome back to another exciting and eventful week for our ecosystem’s members. As we step another week right into November, let’s all have a small recap on our October home run in the final week. With...
  • publish-date 04/11/2021
  • read-time 4 min reading

October monthly recap

We hope you have a spooky and fun time with this year's Halloween. The first month of Q3 started strong with many quality partnerships in the GameFi segment to create a strong build-up towards our GameFi Hub Iron Sail...
  • publish-date 02/11/2021
  • read-time 8 min reading

Weekly Report (25/10 - 1/11)

Macro-environment Why crypto is a lot different today than in 2017 The biggest change in the crypto landscape is that many protocols have evolved from R&D phase startups into cash flow generating businesses. The...
  • publish-date 02/11/2021
  • read-time 4 min reading


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