Since the launch of KAIDEX 4 months ago, the support of all KAI Believers has been overwhelming. It is the fuel for our team to push the limit even further to develop the best DEX with CEX experience for each and every one of our users.

The time for improvements has come. KAIDEX V2 is officially launched today on KardiaChain Network with new and refined features for the best cross-chain trading experience.

Key features

  1. Omnidirectional swapping: users can now easily swap from one token to ones already available on KAIDEX without the need to find any specific predefined pairs.
  2. Cross-chain swapping enhancement: support all EVM-compatible blockchains, and introduce the Beta version of KSML 1.0, which supports EIP20 Token Interface.
  3. Easy network integration: only takes 30 minutes to create a proposal and integrate with a new network.
  4. Price impact reduction: automatically route to the pool with the highest liquidity, also provide more incentive for users to provide liquidity as there will be more volume across pairs.
  5.  Bot attack reduction: minimizes the loss of front running bots that track users’ behaviors and execute “Sandwich Attacks” (What are Sandwich Attacks?), or prevents “Flash Loan Attacks” (Flash Loan) in Lending, Borrowing Defi Protocols that “whales” can manipulate the token price.
  6. Committed rug-pulls prevention: A new token needs to create a proposal contract and provide at least $50,000 in liquidity for listing on KAIDEX. The contract also locks the KAIDEX LP Token (KLP) for 6 months, then releases it monthly for the next 6 months. This will protect investors from rug-pull projects.

With all the new improvements, The KAIDEX V2 would provide more direct approaches in cross-chain trading with convenience while still maintaining network stability and security for all users.

Let’s join in and witness the all-improved KAIDEX V2!

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