It's hot outside, DeFi Summer 2022 is just around the corner, and it’s getting even hotter inside the blockchain. Let us see, the KardiaChain team is invited to an international blockchain festival, but we can't decide what to wear. We are asking creative brains for new amazing T-shirts so the gang can show off them to the world!


It's the occasion, but the greater goal is that we value our community thus far; especially at this time, KardiaChain is warming up towards many innovative development plans, we appreciate our companions and let them stand up as the representatives of KardiaChain in various regions across the globe. Hence, this is a campaign of appreciation to our holders, delegators, stakers, investors, traders, users, and companions. You will be the ones to set the design for KAI fellows all over the world!  

That's right❗️This is a chance for you to introduce your artwork to the global crypto community ❗Following that, we will announce the regional ambassador program where you can officially wear KAI T-shirts to hangout or attend blockchain events in your country!

⭐ Regulations 

Participants: Creative designers with no limitation of age, nations and organisations.

Rules: Your works should be centered around KardiaChain only, excluding projects on  the KardiaChain network. 

The top 3 most liked designs on KardiaChain's official Twitter post will be the winning artworks, which are chosen to print out for apparel.

After that, we will snapshot holders to present these cool artworks to KAI's most qualified holders. Moreover, winners will potentially have their work minted as NFT and featured across on- and offline marketing campaigns and merchandise.

How awesome is that? 😍 


This campaign will be held for 2 weeks (12 PM, UTC April 22 - May 4, 2022)

🚪 How to participate

Simply design a KardiaChain theme artwork (T-shirt / hoodie / backpack /mug / cap design), submit your artwork by comment bellow this post on Twitter, attach hashtag $KAI #KardiaChain to participate.



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