We are hosting a whole new program for all users, especially those in the KRC20 network. We believe that all users are not just well-versed in the crypto landscape but also have creative minds to fill the world with more join and arts.

The “Creative minds with KRC20” contest is backed by the KardiaChain Team, and all partnered projects with total rewards worth 111,000 KAI and 300 IDO tickets in commence. 


Participants: Creative users with no limitation of age, nations and organisations.


Your works should be centred around KardiaChain’s ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • KardiaChain network.
  • My DeFi Pet
  • Thetan Arena
  • Beco.
  • Kephi. 
  • Cong Troi NFT. 
  • MoonKa.
  • DeHR.
  • SleepEarn.
  • AnTex.
  • Kripto Galaxy Battle (KABA)
  • LPDI

Concept: Create artworks with your own interpretation of all the projects meanings, visions, senses of humour and many more ideas you could think of to spread the images of our brand and connect everyone.

The judges are representatives from:

  •  02 from KardiaChain.
  • 01 from
  • 01 from Kephi Gallery.
  • 01 from Cong Troi NFT Gallery.
  • 01 from MoonKa.
  • 01 from DeHR.
  • 01 from SleepEarn.
  • 01 from AnTex.
  • 01 from KABA. (Kripto Galaxy Battle)
  • 01 from LPDI.
  • 01 from My DeFi Pet.
  • 01 from Thetan Arena.

Evaluation criteria: Creativity, humour, trending topic.

Join the Gleam link for this contest here:

How to make your work eligible:

Create your work. The works can be in images, GIFs, video, music, etc.

To eligibly post your work on social media for participating:

After accessing the event link, choose Tweet with hashtag:

Read the instruction, then click "tweet"


Choose your competing artwork with the attachment feature on Twitter then tweet it.

We recommend having a good amount of research of our projects to better understand and create the best works for everyone to enjoy.

Timeline: From  7 PM (GMT+7) 15 September 2021 until  7PM (GMT+7) 18 October 2021. We will announce the winners on a weekly basis.

Group Stage: 15 September - 13 October

Winners selection:

Mandatory conditions: Each project will provide a separate Gleam link for participating users – With a total of 12 projects, steps to join Gleam includes:

  • Join Telegram 
  • Follow Twitter 
  • Follow Channel 
  • Download the app and experience the projects’ Dapp 
  • Tag any 3 friends in the comment section of Twitter
  • Mandatory hashtags:
    $KAI @KardiaChain #KAIDEX #Defi #GameFi #KRC20meme #IDO #IFO #PrivateSale

Awards distribution (Weekly Prize):

- Through the number of “Likes” of your tweet. The voting process will be finalised at 7  pm on Wednesday (Vietnam time);

- Posts that win weekly prizes will be selected for the next round to compete for the monthly prize round.

Announcement of weekly prizes: including 13 prizes – from Diamond to Trendiez, specifically distributed as follows:

  1.  1 Diamond Prize: 3000 KAI.
  2.  1 Gold Prize: 2000 KAI.
  3.  1 Silver Prize: 1000.
  4.  1 Bronze Prize: 500 KAI.
  5.  24 Trendiez Prize (scores from judges): 200 KAI award 

We will count all the stats to determine who are the winners every Wednesday night.

FINAL STAGE: 15/10 - 18/10

Weekly winners of Diamond and Gold prizes will continue to compete in the monthly tournament by creating new works.

4.2. Winners selection:

- Through the highest number of “Likes” on Twitter - the deadline is at 7 PM (GMT+7) on 18 October, 2021.

- Tag any 3 friends in the comment section of Twitter.

- Mandatory hashtags:

$KAI @KardiaChain #KAIDEX #Defi #GameFi #KRC20meme #IDO #IFO #PrivateSale

4.3. Monthly award announcement: KAI and Airdrop gifts from the sponsors, allocated as follows:

  1.  1 Diamond Prize: 8888 KAI.
  2.  1 Gold Prize: 5000 KAI.
  3.  1 Silver Prize: 3000 KAI.
  4.  1 Bronze Prize: 2000 KAI.
  5.  24 Trendiez Prize (scored by the judges): 555 KAI.
  6.  Airdrop for 1000 random slots completed Gleam: 20 KAI/slot, only if you have completed 40 entries. 
  7.  Airdrop 100 slots for 100 top retweet posts.: 100 KAI.

Marks criteria: 

- The scale from 1 to 10 is evaluated by the Judges and votes from the community;

- Every 1 point from the judges = 50 likes. Each judge will vote for 12 works.


  • 150 IDO MOONKA TICKETS for the top 150 people with the highest Gleam scores in the first week from September 15 to September 20, ending at 7 PM GMT+7 September 20, 20211.
  • 150 IDO AntEx TICKETS for the top 150 people with the highest Gleam scores in the second week from September 20 to October 6, ending at 7 PM GMT+7 October 6, 2021 (except who won MoonKa)


One contestant can submit multiple artworks, but only one work will be accounted for winning.

Recycling of winning work will not be accepted in the Weekly Prize sector. Recyling is allowed in the Monthly Prize sector.

The winning works will be announced on the KardiaChain Official Channel – authors can upload their works to NFT Marketplaces such as,,

We are all looking forward to receiving your finest creation and imagination.

Best of luck to all contestants!

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