In the CTO Talks Livestream on 4th June 2021, CTO and Co-Founder of KardiaChain had a discussion with Vietnam Deputy Minister of Science and Technology along with other tech leaders to share their perspectives about technology applications in the pandemic response.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive impact on society and the economy on a global scale. Therefore, the Vietnamese government has emphasised the importance of technology as one of the main three strategies against COVID-19.

Joining the CTO Talks are veterans in the technology field in Vietnam: The Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Bui The Duy; KardiaChain's CTO and Co-Founder, Mr. Huy Nguyen; BKAV Chairman and CEO, Mr. Bui The Quang; and CEO and Founder of Got It, Dr. Tran Viet Hung.

Link to CTO Talks session in Vietnamese hosted by VNExpress:

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In this seminar, speakers will focus on sharing the value of AI and blockchain technology implementation in various sectors, such as medicine, economy, education in the battle against the COVID-19 breakout in Vietnam.

"The masses' perception of blockchain is usually about decentralised finance applications. However, this is just a perspective about the true application and meaning of blockchain.”

-CTO & Co-Founder of KardiaChain, Huy Nguyen.

While discussing the contribution of blockchain technology in preventing the widespread of COVID-19, Mr. Huy emphasised how blockchain shines as one of the key technologies to protect humanity. With the implementation of traceability and transparency, blockchain has contributed significantly in declaring health status, distributing medical supplies, verifying vaccine passports, and searching for spreading points to prevent further infection among society. 

"Blockchain is the true foundation for all traditional businesses to leverage their business models and catch the upcoming digital transformation trend."

- CTO & Co-Founder of KardiaChain, Huy Nguyen.

Moreover, Mr. Huy pointed out that one of the pandemic results is that people are starting to change their habits in the digital space. People start ordering supplies and goods via the online marketplace, dwelling in more complex technologies, and learning the benefits of their application in real life. Following such drastic changes, businesses also have to change their way to adapt to the situation. Therefore, it can be said that COVID-19 is “a blessing in disguise” for tech leaders such as KardiaChain to help all businesses on converting their business models to suit the demand of digital transformation in the market.

"2021 is the year for pioneering blockchain like KardiaChain to develop new products to support conventional business in transforming their business model, and contribute in the recovery of our country's economy."

- CTO & Co-Founder of KardiaChain, Huy Nguyen.

"In the next decade, blockchain will overcome all the current challenges to become the leading technology to elevate many industries on a global scale."

-CTO & Co-Founder of KardiaChain, Huy Nguyen.

In further discussions, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of BKAV had strongly stressed the importance of blockchain technology in verifying vaccination progress. As blockchain is decentralised, independent, transparent, and validated by the people, the truthfulness of blockchain is unparalleled to ensure the safety of everyone and avoid unfortunate cases that will cause further spread among the community.

"Vaccine passports must integrate blockchain technology for the sake of our country!"

- CEO of BKAV, Nguyen Tu Quang.

At the end of the CTO Talks, Dr. Bui The Duy summarised the importance of technology integration to benefit Vietnam society. He praised blockchain as the technology that can prove the integrity of the recorded technology because of its transparent nature. The implementation of blockchain is also considered to be the key factor in recovering the Vietnam economy in the aftermath, restoring balance in the daily life of Vietnam society when the pandemic is fully controlled.

"The implementation of technologies like AI and blockchain is the solution to mend the fractures in the supply chain, create bridges in B2C and B2B aspects"

- Vietnam Deputy Minister of Science and technology, Dr. Bui The Duy.

Article about the Deputy Minister discusses how technology should benefit the lives of everyone on VNExpress in Vietnamese:

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