The end of the year 2021 was a busy time for KardiaChain to wrap up a challenging but successful year. Eventually, KardiaChain had fulfilled all the necessary milestones and completed the Galaxias Hard fork right on schedule on the anniversary of Aris Mainnet 1.0. And kardiaChain starts to be on the headlines and mentioned by multiple reputable news sources in the crypto and economy landscapes. Those are great momentum for KardiaChain to go into 2022 with a bang!

Something ends, and something new begins. Let's have a revision of the achievements in the last month of 2021.


5MC and KardiaChain form an exclusive partnership to endorse KardiaChain's gamefi direction, Whydah and Iron Sail 

Soon there will be an upcoming exclusive program for our guild such as NFT rewards, drop boxes, and special events led by 5MC for the Philippines community, later at a global scale. 

5MC has 100 all-Filipino NFT gamers in KardiaChain's games My Defi Pet and Thetan Arena, and soon be Mytheria. 5MC also strongly believes in our gaming entity Whydah and the metaverse gamefi hub Iron Sail, a treasure-hunting journey with KAI's next incubated games. 5MC aims to expand globally to help every gamefi enthusiast joining in KAI promising gamefi direction.

Founder of 5MC , global CM lead of My Defi Pet and Mytheria, CryptoPreneur stated: "I myself and my guild is a part of KardiaChain and will follow KardiaChain mission to bring mass adoption, right now through gamefi sector. We started the guild when DPET, THG and MYRA were in the market, which was a big opportunity to understand gamefi."

The movie star Chi Bảo join hands with KardiaChain to build the first NFT exclusive membership in Vietnam called ZorbaX

Today, we are incredibly proud to announce our strategic partnership between KardiaChain and ZorbaX, a project started by the Vietnamese critically-acclaimed A-list actor Chi Bảo to bring unprecedented added value to contemporary NFT. This leads to the birth of Vietnam’s first NFT exclusive membership program.

ZorbaX will release a total of 2500 exclusive ZorbaX NFT artworks digitally designed by renowned artists for everyone to own permanently.  The ZorbaX membership will grant the owner unfettered access to prosperous investment opportunities and amenities that ZorbaX club has to offer, including, but not limited to, lounge membership, yacht sailing club, wine tasting occasion, etc. The membership privileges in leisure traveling will be first applied to the first-class experience with the 5-star resort Chang Paradise Resort in the Con Dao region.

With ZorbaX NFT exclusive membership, KardiaChain hopes to bring a whole new playground to connect those enthusiastic about collecting NFTs.

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New farm and pool to earn $KAI on Apeswap through a strategic partnership

In celebration of our upcoming #Galaxias Hard Fork launch, we are delighted to announce the partnership with Apeswap.Finance. $KAI will soon be listed on Apeswap to introduce all users to a next-level farming experience that will create attainable and sustainable values for all users.

ApeSwap is a leading DEX with a trustable DeFi Protocol on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon focusing on offering a premier trading experience. Proven to be a reliable Automated Market Maker, the average daily trading volume on Apeswap is over $20,000,000 and the average number of monthly users is at about 200,000. 

With $KAI officially listed on Apeswap, come and join to stake and earn $KAI on the #BSC network in our new farm & pool.


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Products and Ecosystem

Over the last Christmas season, KardiaChain celebrated with a Hidden Treasure on Iron Sail - the first-ever battle royale crane game in the blockchain landscape, PawPaw.

PawPaw is a metaverse Play-to-Earn UFO Catcher/ claw crane game where players win $KAI tokens and physical prizes via online gaming. The game provides the most seamless and unique online crane game experience that can be described as “A Catch-and-Earn battle royale like none other.” The game can scale up to 500 players all simultaneously control one claw crane within a time limit.


The Jingle Paw season started from 23/12/2021 until 2/1/2022, and was an astounding success to introduce the online-offline metaverse experience.

Overall, Pawpaw had achieved amazing stats:

  • Over 6 million reaches globally, like The US, India, The Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Algeria.
  • The game accumulated almost 45,000 accesses to the game per day.
  • 3,000+ new players every day with over 10% rate of daily active users.
  • Over 1,300 Dorepoc Wallets were created.
  • Over 25,000 battle royale rounds with a win rate of 31%. Final winners have won at least 90,000 $KAI.

Galaxias Hard Fork Mainnet 2.0 on 29th December 2021

Mainnet 2.0 Galaxias Hard fork is complete!

On the anniversary of our Aris Mainnet 1.0, 29th December, KardiaChain has implemented the Galaxias Hard fork and completed the upgrade to Mainnet 2.0 at block 6,039,393.  We are proud to announce that we have successfully hit all the milestones in our development road map. 

We send our utmost appreciation to all members of the KardiaChain community for your support and patience, we are working with our best efforts to make Galaxias the healthiest and safest network for your DeFi experience. Special thanks to our closed partner Apeswap.FInance for continuously promoting Galaxias in the partnership campaign.


Want to know more about the Galaxias details? 

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KardiaChain 2021: A Year in Review
A Recap of KardiaChain’s 400% Impressive Rally and Growth

2021 was an exceptional year for KardiaChain. Despite all the challenges thrown at us, we completed all of our development roadmaps and achieved huge milestones in many fields. Let’s celebrate with a recap of KardiaChain’s achievements in 2021 and fuel ourselves up for 2022.

Overall, in 2021 KardiaChain witnessed impressive growth including:

- 1 Billion $KAI Staked
- 25 Million Transactions.
- 290,000 Monthly Active Users.
- $475 Million USD in Volume and $25 Million USD TVL on our Kaidex.
- 22 dApps developed.
- 14 projects launched on Kaistarter.
- Major Well-Known P2E Games Incubated including My DeFi Pet, Thetan Arena, Mytheria, and Iron Sail’s $KEEY.
- 57 Projects Invested.

We cannot thank our Kardian community enough for your support in the past year and the time to come.
As we head into 2022, KardiaChain will fire on all cylinders and bring next-level success to both the infrastructure and the community. 420 days beyond the moons has passed, and we are all set to prolong those days and move to even farther stars in the cosmos.

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KardiaChain is spearheading in creating a true metaverse by joining the Metathon

The Metathon is a global hackathon to explore and discover more potential metaverse projects to make an open metaverse becomes a reality. 

The Hackathon will occur from 1 December 2021 until 15 January 2022. All participating developers can apply for and win prizes up to $50 million in global prizes and seeding funding your idea to fruition.

Care to create a true metaverse with us? Check out the Metathon Application Entrance:

Our Co-Founder and the CEO of Whydah and My DeFi Pet, Mr. Tri Pham’s work on the potential of GameFi in the SouthEast Asia region is proudly featured on The Daily Hodl - one of the most genuinely informative crypto content platforms in the market.

“Southeast Asia, in particular, has posited itself as the breeding ground for GameFi ecosystems, which holds tremendous significance for the global commercial landscape… Broad sections of the ASEAN youth are highly tech-savvy, which is a significant reason for GameFi adoption."


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In 2021, the NFT and metaverse trend cause huge growth for the blockchain landscape. Coming into 2022, KardiaChain and its gaming entity Whydah are viewed as one of the top infrastructures and Metaverse incubators to watch by TechTimes - the most insightful site in the tech world.

“Ever the forward-thinking company, Whydah is working towards an open metaverse where everyone and everything is connected online as they are offline… Whydah is also working through Iron Sail, a subsidiary that raises funds to be invested into blockchain gaming projects.  In 2022, Whydah is slated to launch more projects in the open metaverse and if its past performance is anything to go by, it will be a success.

KardiaChain will also be launching its Galaxias hard fork on 29 December 2021. With this new update, there will be a slew of new features including Web3 compatibility - facilitating its mass adoption. Needless to say, KardiaChain is one of the more interesting projects out there and is certainly one to watch in 2022.”

Huge leaps are soon to be made!


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It's our honor that the prestigious Forbes features KAI Ventures and our CEO Huy Nguyen alongside Tier 1 VCs like Paradigm and Andreessen Horowtiz.

The article emphasizes how Mr. Huy Nguyen believes in the importance of incubators in steering projects in the right direction, saying, "incubators bring far more than expertise and experience to the table. They also provide startups with access to an essential and extensive network of investors, stakeholders, and service providers, and provide much-needed capital to help ensure early-stage startups have a clear path to success." Kardia Ventures is one example when they have invested in over 18 companies worldwide, "including participating in an $8.5 million seed round for DeHorizon and a $2.1 million initial round for Thetan Arena."

We also share the same vision with our fellow Shan Aggarwal of Coinbase Ventures on "short-term gain isn't the primary metric for success given the blockchain-powered future that Web 3.0 promises."


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