DigiFinex Global, one of the world's largest digital asset exchange platforms, has started their integration of KardiaChain Ecosystem and is listing the KAI KRC20 native token.

Now that the KRC20 network is endorsed by DigiFinex, the platform will interact closely with the KardiaChain ecosystem and begin adding at least three other KRC20 projects to their exchange. Providing KRC20 projects and alliance members with increased opportunities for listing, trading, and hosting events.

According to data gatherer Chainalysis, the number of theft incidents has been increasing at a rate greater than linear, but with a lower average value stolen.

In 2018, 2019, and 2020, users' funds were stolen to the amount of US$1.3B, US$343M, and US$523M, respectively. When accounting for scams, ransomware, and malicious activity, this amount is multiplied.


Partnering with DigiFinex, who is renowned for being trustworthy, secure, and user-friendly, and a platform that offers a variety of asset management solutions such as Crypto Quant Fund, Crypto Loan, and Flexi-earn, will enable you to manage your KAI assets more effectively.

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"Exchanges are becoming increasingly important as the KardiaChain ecosystem grows in prominence. This is a huge milestone in our KardiaChain ecosystem CEX development, allowing KRC20 holders and traders to exchange their KAI ecosystem assets on a larger playing field. Importantly, the integration represents warmth in the winter market, empowering more collaborations with in sync building purposes." says our CPO, Astrid Dang.


About DigiFinex

DigiFinex, a Singapore-based company, develops a cryptocurrency exchange environment capable of handling numerous blockchain assets. To provide its customers with safe, secure, and straightforward investment opportunities, the company's platform publishes open and transparent market information, employs an audit system comparable to that of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and maintains a stable trading environment.

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About KardiaChain

With more than half a million users, KardiaChain is one of Southeast Asia's leading blockchain ecosystems.  Aiming for Web3 Mass Adoption, KardiaChain aims to bring products that help onboard millions of users onto web3 & blockchain technology.

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