Eco Spotlight series #2: MoonKa

  • 18/09/2021

Our journey of blockchain mass adoption requires diversity in real-life applications. And our close partner MoonKa is one of the most promising projects in our KAI ecosystem with the solution of land and property tokenization. With digital real estate investment being a rarity in Vietnam at this moment, MoonKa has really moved the needle with their successes and captured the attention of a lot of investors, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

With the Whitelisting is in commence and the IDO of MoonKa on KAIStarter will arrive in just 4 more days, let’s have a look at MoonKa’s accomplishments, future plans, and the best of all – how to become a MoonKa investor with MKA tokens in your hand!

MoonKa in a nutshell

MoonKa is the pioneer in blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platforms in Vietnam. The MoonKa Team consists of many credible veterans in the field of real estate and technology. Thien Nguyen, Tech Lead of KardiaChain, used to work for top enterprises in Silicon Valley like Amazon, Oracle, and Google. Phong Nguyen, Legal Consulting Expert and Real Estate Investor since 2010, Member of the Standing Committee at Vietnam Association of Realtors, has provided specialized training for over 1000 Real Estate Agents.   

 MoonKa aims to build a transparent investment environment via blockchain for investors from every corner of the world to gain the best benefits. 

The MKA token built on KardiaChain will function as a membership token, allowing holders to become a member participating in crowdfunding land investment through the NFT concept. This process will unlock a massive amount of capital from individuals with small initial capital, create equal opportunities in investing for people of all disciplines, both locals and foreigners.

If you love to have a better deep dive into MoonKa, we’ve conducted an AMA in Official KardiaChain Channel with Ms. Vi Vi – The Marketing Head of Moonka just recently to discuss the opportunities of land tokenization in Vietnam,


MoonKa’s achievement so far.

On 20 August 2021, our partner in land tokenization MoonKa hosted their first-ever public opening sale of a property in the Can Gio region. The Can Gio region is a very marketable area as it has the advantage of easy access from the urban area and is close to some of the most famous retreats or in-day tourist attractions. 

Only in one-and-a-half hours, property worth over $140,000 was completely sold out via crowdfunding sale. This accomplishment is the first step to help those who are more familiar with the conventional/traditional method of real estate investment realizing the real benefits and value of “co-investing” and blockchain application in this field.

Following the success of the first opening sale, MoonKa aims further to expand their portfolio of real estate property with the opening sale of Rose Secondhome, an over $73,000-worth property that was sold out in just only 1 hour, successfully raised capital for 1000 units in just one hour with the participation of 28 investors.

This is the second blockchain-encrypted real estate successfully opened for sale in Vietnam (previously Moonka’s B26 product in Can Gio, sold out after 1 hour 30 minutes) once again affirms the importance of KardiaChain Blockchain application to real products with real value such as real estate. Rose Secondhome 1 is just the first product in the resort product chain in the Bao Loc area. In the near future, Moonka will develop more Rose Secondhome series of generations 2, 3, and 4, etc.

Sneak peek of MoonKa’s upcoming projects

With MoonKa being one of the most prominent projects in our ecosystem, we are happy to disclose a “tiny bit” of what is coming up on MoonKa so all of our users, members in the communities, and even potential investors can have a little peek into our future real estate projects.

  • Van Phuc City: This residence project backed by Van Phuc Group is deemed “A city within a city” in the Thu Duc area. Van Phuc City is one of the most reputable projects in the past 5 years in Ho Chi Minh City, with its golden location closing to Sai Gon grand bridge, Binh Trieu area, and Thu Duc area – which are some of the most developed and crowded regions of the city in recent years. The area is suitable for all purposes, including but not limited to living, retreating, communing to the CBD area of Ho Chi Minh City, or business trip -especially if you usually take a trip to the East region near Ho Chi Minh city.
    Also, the facility in the Van Phuc Residence location is world-class level with almost any kind of convenience ranging from groceries, shopping mall, entertainment, green space and waterway that was designed with sophisticated taste. To add in a personal note, the writer of this article had visited the area a year ago and was overwhelmed by the ambition of the area to truly become its own “city”, where you can enjoy all benefits just by staying in the area.
  • A residential project in Vung Tau area: Vung Tau and its surrounding area has always been desirable for many investors to own properties. The reason for this is because Vung tau is one of the largest tourist areas in the Southern part of Vietnam, especially with Ho Chi Minh City residents. In recent times, Vung Tau has been focusing on developing retreating resorts and residential projects, which would attract even more attention in the market. We will provide more updates on MoonKa’s future project in this area soon.

We are here to provide you with at least 3 opportunities to get in the MoonKa IDO, and do not miss the chance to own yourself some of the precious MKA tokens for all the upcoming projects. 

How to earn MKA to become a MoonKa investor?

The IDO on KAIStarter will be starting at 7 PM (GMT+7) on 21 September 2021.

  • Price of $MKA token: 1 MKA = 0,15 USDT KRC20.
  • Total pool: $150,000 will be available through the IDO, totaling 1,000,000 $MKA tokens.
  • Max cap per person: 1,000 $MKA.
  • Ticket: $150 worth of KAI/each for ONLY 1,000 participants!
  • Network: KRC20.

As we mentioned above, the Whitelist process is occurring right now until 20 September. 

Check our KAiStarter Landing page:

Whitelisting schedule:

Whitelist form opens: 15 September 2021 4 PM (GMT +7)

Whitelist form closes: 20 September 2021 6 AM (GMT +7)

Join in the Whitelist HERE:

Also, we are hosting a whole new program for all users, especially those in the KRC20 network, The “Creative minds with KRC20” contest. The contest encourages everyone to create innovative memes, artworks, gifs, videos, music works to connect all users in the KRC20 network with total rewards worth 111,000 KAI and 300 IDO tickets- in which 150 tickets are for the MoonKa IDO on 20 September for weekly winners in this contest. 

To learn more information on how to participate in this contest, read here:

And last but not least, coming with this article is the mini-game in the form of a small quiz for everyone to participate in. The mini-game will be conducted on the “First come, first serve” basis: 3 persons with the 3 fastest correct answers will get 3 free tickets for the IDO event of MoonKa. We recommended everyone to have a deeper look into MoonKa to increase your odds and knowledge for this chance.

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