Another week, another Spotlight, you Kardians are in for a treat this week! We are closing October with a BANG! Starting with a generous 500$ DPET GIVEAWAY on My DeFi Pet, Thethan Arena’s THG is officially listed on CoinEX with full features and benefits. Following closely is DeHR announcing its partnership with AZcoinvest, Explosive Signals, and HanaGold, further expanding their network.

My Defi Pet

Show off your DeFi Pets contest

Pet Masters, you have been hard at work and it’s time for you to get even more rewards for your effort for the last 5 months. My DeFi Pet is currently hosting a global giveaway of 500$ DPET.

So, how do you enter? Well, just show off your best pet, that's all! If you think your pet is a champion in the following categories, then you’re in:

  • Pets with Highest HP.
  • Pets with Highest Atk.
  • Pets with Highest Crit. 
  • Pets with Highest Atk Speed. 
  • Pets with Highest Gene.

With Total $500 Token $DPET rewards:

Top 10 runners with $30 token rewards per person

Top 11 — Top 30 runners with $10 token rewards per person

Don’t just stand right there! Let’s gather more eggs so you may have higher chances to own yourselves some new pet with even more epic stats


For more details about the contest:


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Additionally, don’t forget to check out their latest AMA session diving deep into randomized breading outcomes using RNG from Chainlink VFR with guest speaker Astrid Dang - Head of Marketing and Partnership of My Defi Pet.

Through randomized breeding outcomes determined using RNG from Chainlink VRF, a pet acquired from an egg may or may not have all the body parts above. Additionally, pets have genes that are split into either dominant or recessive genes, resulting in different offspring. Each pet has its own strengths and weaknesses that give it varying levels of combat ability, staking APR, and even aesthetic qualities

In case you miss it, watch the AMA here:

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena and the Thetanian community had witnessed the recent surge to new heights of THG recently. And to keep up the momentum, we are proud to inform you that CoinEx has listed $THG and support deposit and withdrawal & Automated Market Making (AMM) on Oct 22, 2021 (UTC). And the trading pair THG/USDT is also now available.

With THG is getting more recognized and popular, now you have more options and can swap THG right on #CMC to your preference.

Find out more here: $THG on Coinmarketcap

Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng Thetan Arena Alpha Test live stream

Thetan Arena has gained more traction among the mainstream gaming community as well. the Vietnamese Age of Empire prodigy Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng, a world-class AOE gamer has joined in the live stream of the Thetan Arena Alpha Test on 19 October. The stream was received positively by both the blockchain and gaming worlds, proving the appeal of Thetan Arena fits all the demographics of potential investors.

So, if you are still unfamiliar with Thetan Arena, you can also check out a recent Beta Testing Livestream with Chim Sẻ Đi Nắng to get a taste of what the game is like.


Last week was once again a busy time with our closed partner DeHR. With their coverage expanded widely, they have gained great partnerships for more potential growth in the long term.

DeHR partners with Azcoinvest Group to expand the new trend Connect-To-Earn

In an effort in spreading the Connect To Earn trend far and wide, some of DeHR's noteworthy collaborations include, first of all, AZcoinvest. Not only the cross-pollination between two communities are an invaluable asset, but the collaboration ensures DeHR will be equipped with the best utilities to spread blockchain/crypto knowledge, informing more people about the booms and benefits of the Connect To Earn model. 

Find out more about DeHR x AZcoinvest here:

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DeHR x ES Ventures: Improving everyone's earning strategy

Secondly, in the spirit of better informing the masses about blockchain/crypto technologies, DeHR and Explosive Signal, or ES Ventures are pooling in resources to strengthen the Vietnamese blockchain community through co-hosted events, AMAs, and new employment opportunities within the blockchain community. 

Find out more about DeHR x ES Ventures here:

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DeHR X HanaGold: Promoting NFT connection to reality

Last but not least, DeHR also announces its collaboration with the accredited pioneer, HanaGold - 4.0 technology gold shop. This move will also DeHR to further future-proof its ecosystem by empowering the NFT experience like never seen before. 

Find out more about DeHR x HanaGold here:

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More Exciting Partnership From Kelphi Gallery

Let’s kick off with the fights of the gods! Mytheria is now in Kelphi Gallery, could you believe that? The first-ever NFT game that sparked the create-to-earn model filled to the brim with game features now has its dedicated gallery on Kelphi, promoting the healthy cross-pollination of users and artists, widening the NFT community larger day by day, partnership by partnership. 

Find out more about Kelphi Gallery x Mytheria here:

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Next up is a huge quality of life improvement to Kelphi Gallery withs its collaboration with Kardia Info, catalyzing the real-time comparison between NFTs to any KRC-20 token through price oracle. Further assisting users to make more informed and profitable decisions. 

Find out more about Kelphi Gallery x Kardia Info here:

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BecoSwap and KABA

Starlords be prepared! Kripto Galaxy Battle’s Planet Pre-Sale Event is about to kick off. By 20:00 October 30th (13:00 UTC) the Pre-Sale event will officially begin so you’d better prepare your KardiaChain Wallet for the haul. 

For more details, check out the full announcement here:

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