FADO officially completes the integration of their loyalty program on KardiaChain network.

  • 20/05/2021

As the leading blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam, KardiaChain’s technical prowess gains strong beliefs from the Vietnamese top 1 cross-border e-commerce platform, Fado. KardiaChain Team has worked tirelessly with the FADO technical team to fully synchronize and complete blockchain integration into the FADO Loyalty Program on our network.

A loyalty program is a crucial part of business in the e-commerce industry. Through loyalty points, consumers can capture incentives on the platform for their own benefits and the platform can generate revenue. Hence, a loyalty program based on blockchain technology is a sound tactic for KardiaChain and Fado to dominate the market. KardiaChain’s blockchain advantages such as information security, transparency, interoperability, and flexibility will leverage FADO productivity.  Last but not least, the integration of blockchain in e-commerce aims to help consumers reach their desired products with ease, and local manufacturers have more means for exports to contribute further to Vietnam’s promising economy.

As a result of this collaboration, 270,000 tentatively committed users will be brought into the KardiaChain network. As of a report from KardiaChain Explorer, Fado as a validator has achieved an impressive statistic: over 42,000 transactions and over 39,000 KRC20 token Txs. This ascends the established relationship between KardiaChain and Fado to a whole new level.


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