Fashion Metaverse Platform ORTHO launches the first Virtual Runway Fashion Show on October 27th.  

Created by popular Vietnamese designer Le Thanh Hoa, the event showcased his collection AN (meaning peace) to fashion designers and enthusiasts from all over Vietnam to present their unique collections through an immersive virtual experience.

The Virtual Show attracted 1,000+ people, with 200 guests receiving exclusive invitations in the form of NFT cocoons.  Upon reveal, 6 lucky participants received NFTs that could be used to redeem some of the silk dresses from his collection.

The simultaneous display of both the physical show and metaverse experience was well-received by visitors as they can be seen engaging with some of the realistic visual elements as they moved through the metaverse space with their avatars.

Hosted in Hanoi, the physical show had 200 guests from the fashion industry.  

Nostalgic, and peaceful, yet not melancholic were the words used to describe the unique presentation. 

Visitors described feeling the vibrancy of Milano Red tone coatings and East Asian elements.

ORTHO Allows Metaverse Users to Express their Authentic Fashion & Style

ORTHO is described as an open metaverse platform with the mission of innovating fashion through technology.  With the goal of celebrating creativity through innovation, ORTHO aims to cultivate of community around this idea while still maintaining the security of ownership through NFT & Web3 technology.

Deriving core values from high-end fashion and the latest tech trends, ORTHO aims to be a leader in launching fashion events and cultivating a digital world in this space.  

Relying on Spatial, a US-based metaverse development company, ORTHO aims to serve both creators and viewers in the fashion space.

Xno Bui, a fashion & metaverse expert, is the creative and brilliant mind behind ORTHO.  With an MBA in luxury brand management from the British School of Fashion, Xno has accumulated experience in several positions, including working with fashion and metaverse companies to help make their dreams a reality.  Her most notable and recent role was Chief Metaverse Officer at Whydah, an up-and-coming Web3 company based in Vietnam.

Stressing the importance of bringing her international experience from the UK to Vietnam, Xno states, “Metaverse in general in Vietnam is still very limited; the products are at a primitive level with a modest number of users.” 

The recent explosion of NFTs and Metaverse trends revealed the desire for people to express themselves in the digital age…hinting at digital fashion possibly being the next big trend.

“After owning stylish avatars, everyone’s next need will be what to wear for their digital avatars. As such, there will be a huge demand for fashion in the metaverse world,” Xno explained.

Though the concept of digital ID has recently become trending as a result of Web3, staying authentic and original in the digital world is still a challenge.

And that’s where ORTHO comes in, giving metaverse lovers the tools to express their originality while maintaining the security of ownership.


Check out more of the  NFT dresses on ORTHO’s Gallery Page.

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