Dear Pioneer developers,

With the sponsorship from AWS and the technical support of our Kardia Lab team, KardiaChain will provide all developers with the best working environment and experience to complete your ideas in this Season 2.

And we are here to support and get all contestants ready for the Hackathon. This blog post aims to provide all the necessary steps for newcomers to the KardiaChain network and to refresh + update existing projects of new deployment methods in the Pioneer Program Season 2.


Step 1 - Download the MetaMask Chrome extension and create your wallet. 

MetaMask is the ideal Web 3 Wallet for all developers to integrate with their cross-chain Dapp in the Pioneer Program. If one has not got a MetaMask Wallet, this should be your first action. For more details →

Step 2- Add KardiaChain Mainnet to your MetaMask.

With kardiaChain infrastructure recently completing the integration of Web 3 applications, KardiaChain Mainnet is now available on MetaMask. Follow the instructions to add KardiaChain mainnet→

Step 3 - Get to know KardiaChain JS SDK.

As the Pioneer Program requires everyone to deploy their projects on the KardiaChain blockchain, knowledge about the KardiaChain SDK is a necessity.

KardiaChain JS SDK is a wrapper built on top of KardiaChain RPC protocol that helps developers to interact with KardiaChain's blockchain network easily. 

Developers can access this link for the introduction of KardiaChain JS SDK →

For a more detailed description →

We hope these tutorials and documentation are helpful for all developers in the Hackathon in achieving their goals. 

We will be adding more tutorials in the upcoming weeks to lower the barrier to entry into KardiaChain ecosystem. And we welcome everyone to be a part of the wonderful Kardian Community.

Break a leg, innovators!

Submit your ideas -->

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