Following our recent soft-fork 1.5 announcement, our DeFi Summer experience is getting hotter as KardiaChain Mainnet 1.5 is fully completed and launched for all KAI Lovers to have the most seamless experience on our network.

It’s extraordinary to see how far we have achieved in just one week. Our network consistently maintains approximately 3 TPS daily, along with nearly 3.5 million transactions and more than 267,000 active users. This massive growth means the number of traffic to our network is more significant than ever through new DeFi protocols and games we are onboarding for the DeFi Summer season. Such results are the fruit of our wide range of products and ecosystem expansion to provide all users with the best experience in our journey to mass adoption.

 As mentioned in our latest announcement, we put the safety of our companions in the long-term as the top priority, and soft-fork 1.5 is how we deliver our goal to strengthen the network. “Slow and steady win the race,” and we aim to be the winner with the most stable infrastructure in the game.

Overall, the completed soft-fork 1.5 update provides many critical updates to enhance our network performance, scalability and security measures, most notably:

  • Adding support for the new decentralized, multi-signature verifiable dual node core, including multichain watchers and a Multi-Party Threshold Signature Scheme.
  • Implementing gas price and gas limit cap of transactions to prevent DDoS attacks
  • Improving validation steps in consensus and block proposing processes for higher security tolerance.
  • Improving P2P infrastructure and Node server.
  • Introducing Fast-Sync mode in blockchain Reactor, switchable between fast-sync mode and full consensus verification mode.

The completion of Mainnet 1.5 is the final step for our team to achieve the necessary stability and security to develop Mainnet 2.0 with fully functional Dual Node, KSLM, cross-chain data transferring, and ecosystem expansion to new borders. Especially, more advanced features and better incentives will come on KAIDEX with our upcoming developments.

Stay tuned for our announcement of Mainnet 2.0 completion very soon.

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