Dear our wonderful Kardians,

Mainnet 2.0 is coming! This 29th of December will mark another special milestone for all of us. On the same day that Mainnet Aris went live a year ago, we will perform the first-ever hard fork of KardiaChain - codename “Galaxias”.

The Evolution of Aris Mainnet  

Back on 29th December 2020, the KAI team and the community celebrated the birth of Aris Mainnet 1.0 with the alignment of inclusiveness, openness, and innovative collaboration with other chains to create unification of blockchain for mass adoption. At first, we introduced the Kardia Explorer with constant real-time updates for tracking the mainnet progress, the KSML to help all Dapps function across any blockchain regardless of its native language, the Dual Node technology as a “transfusion” for cross-chain data exchanging with ease.

We have fulfilled our goals in 2021 by having some of our best products go live on the network. Our best achievements include the unique KAIDEX with full CEX trading experience, and the Dual Bridge with two networks Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum for the most seamless cross-chain swapping.  

In July 2021, our team implemented the Mainnet 1.5 soft fork to enhance the capability of Aris Mainnet further and apply the full technical advancements of KardiaChain. The soft fork helps strengthen network security, improve the infrastructure server, and the Fast sync mode alongside the full consensus verification mode for the most convenient user experience.

And now, here we are with Mainnet 2.0 via the Galaxias hard fork. The Galaxias hard fork will help the KardiaChain infrastructure enhance the overall network performance, improve the staking smart contracts, and expand the validating process to diversify the network and support further compatibility with major networks and Web3 applications - such as Metamask and TrustWallet. 

Ultimately, the "Galaxias hard fork" is designed to increase the TPS of the network while still maintaining the advantage of low transactions fees, low block time, and all the core features. We aim to provide the most seamless user experience and simplify the process to help new users and developers to easily get acquainted with the KardiaChain ecosystem.

Galaxias hard fork details

The upcoming Galaxias hard fork on 29 December 2021 will include, but not limited, to the following features:

  • KardiaChain will support various Web3 endpoints to make it easier for developers to build Solidity dApps on KardiaChain as well as users coming from Web3 Ecosystem (Metamask, TrustWallet compatibility), other layer- 2 services (Graphnode…) or any Web3 SDK (Web3JS, Web3py…)
  • KardiaChain will continue support for future EVM versions such as the latest London EVM, Solidity beyond version 0.8.0 to make it easier for developers coming from other EVM-based blockchain and grow the KardiaChain ecosystem.
  • Implementation of the blockchain reactor version 2 to boost up the overall performance of the network. In our development testnet, the network can handle up to 58,000 transactions in a single block with the procedure time is under 5.4 seconds (peak 10740 TPS)
  • Introduce the backbone for future implementation of KVM, KSML, and Dual Node direct cross-chain swap.
  • For the growth of the network, we will create a proposal to reduce the minimum staked amount for the validators from 12.5M KAI to 5M KAI and increase the total number of validator nodes from 20 to 30.

We will closely monitor the KardiaChain Aris Mainnet after the Galaxias hard fork to resolve all related issues to stabilize the network.

The KardiaChain Team wholeheartedly sends our greatest appreciation to every member of the KAI community. Thanks to your never-ending support, we've made it this far from Aris to Galaxias, and we can't wait for what’s coming in the journey ahead.


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