What an incredible end for such an incredible year, this latest spotlight, we will recount some of the last and incredibly exciting events that happened in our ecosystem. Don’t miss out on My DeFi Pet and Thetan Arena Christmas festivities with fresh new looks and updates. Learn more about battle between gods with Mytheria, Back To Basics and so much more this week! 

My DeFi Pet Christmas Festivities: 

In the spirit of Christmas, My Defi Pet will dawn a completely new look from their recent update. Pet Masters can enjoy a plethora of festivities, from a brand new Christmas theme to surprise Christmas gifts from Santa Claus. So, what’s new?

  1. We are proud to introduce 2 new Species in the MDP world:
    - Pandaren: Light element
    - Aoshun: Dark 
  2. Dawning a festive look with a new Christmas theme:
    - Santa will drop random gifts on your land every minute or so. It could be your town, over the sea, in the Lava, Desert, or even the Snowy Land.

    - The box won’t last for long so be on the lookout!

    - Remember to zoom out maximum to not miss out on these exciting gifts. 
  3. Rarity Filter:
    - All pets will be sorted by 7 different rarities
    - Pet rarity will be determined on the combined rarity of your pet’s parts. 

And there are more details such as news on the Marketplace and other improvements! Check out the full update here: 

[contentcards url="https://mydefipet.medium.com/update-new-version-6ee64997582b"]

Thetan Arena Christmas Festivities: 

This holiday, we are celebrating our first Christmas with thetan Arena. Marking an extremely fruitful and wonderful year, Thetan Arena is ending 2021 with a Christmas update that oozes holiday cheers. Here are the highlights:
- Brand new Christmas skins will be added to amp up the holiday spirit. 

- Adjustments will be made for battle mode such as balancing hero stats and reduction of battle duration. 

- More items to be purchased in the In-game Shop.

- Bug fixes. 

Find more detail about Thetan Arena’s Christmas update here: 

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@ThetanArena/thetan-arena-christmas-update-39e515138088"]

Mytheria, Back To Basics AND GodForge: 

This week, Mytheria is back with a brand new 101 for all the newcomers out there. We will delve into all the details about what a “God Card” is, it’s purpose, feature, and all the details to prepare your upcoming battles between deities and gods. 

Find out what a God Card is here: 

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@Mytheria_MYRA/mytheria-101-god-card-b041853462f4"]


One more thing! Don’t forget to check out the continuation of the GodForge contest. Let’s find out more about our featured artist this week, Nejc Smrtnik through our extremely insightful Q&A here:

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@Mytheria_MYRA?p=827e50cb316"]

Kephi Maximizes Partnership With Kardia Info:

Shortly after their partnership announcement, Kephi and Karda Info had quickly evolved into something amazing today. Kephi Gallery had fully integrated Kardia Info’s Oracle into their backbone to reliably receive real-time price feed for the KPHI token. 


Oh, did you know, a version of Kardia Info’s famous game is also available on Kelphi’s landing page? Check out the post here:

[contentcards url="https://kephigallery.medium.com/kardia-infos-oracle-and-game-franchise-has-been-integrated-in-kephi-gallery-7bc0b4993f12"]


Kripto Galaxy Battle Momentous Launch!

We are incredibly proud of KABA’s OFFICIAL LAUNCH on 18th December 2021 with Play-to-earn through Gem Mining. You can now send Robots and Monsters to planets to mine for $GEM, and $KABA token. 

Find out more here: 

[contentcards url="https://becoswap.medium.com/?p=d924bc45452a"]

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